The Librem 5 Mass Production Shipping FAQ

"Right now we are finishing up our extensive quality control steps and fulfillment procedures so that we can start shipping the revolutionary Librem 5 phone."

@purism urrah! So I will get my #librem5
I don't tell you when I paid for it otherwise I would be saddened

@purism i don't remember earlier batcheshaving the 'Librem 5' logo along the edge like that. Is that a sticker, or actually part of the case?

@purism lots of fancy words to say "soon, but not just yet"! But I'm at last excited that this thing may be real after all. Can't wait for mine to arrive before the end of the year.

@Purism It was a long wait, but that will be forgotten once I can ditch my Android phone. Let's hope it arrives in time for #Sinterklaas :-)

@purism Awesome news! I'm not an early backer but I did order mine back in May so I'm excited to see when I'll get it.

@purism when did early backing stop and general backing start?

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