In just a few weeks we will start shipping Librem 5 Evergreen!

You can still pre-order your now and save $50 off - but be quick - early bird pricing ends soon!

I can't wait. I have never been this excited about a new phone!

@purism Nice, I am looking forward to having it in hand!

@purism I'll be anxiously awaiting that mail to confirm my librem 5's modem then ^^
Keep it up!

@purism Hello! I received message at 11.09.2020! I waiting begin shipping the librem5 order # Purism_2222932767! Thank you

@hcivopopahsim32 @purism just realized this must be in format. I was wondering how you received a message from the future.

@purism too bad splitit requires to have the whole sum rather than taking amount month to month. Basically if you don't have 687 usd, you can't be buying just because you only have 500 usd in bank

@purism Librem 5 currently is at $749 - did I miss the discount?

@purism nice been waiting so long, I eagerly look forward to email

Been waiting a LONG time (2+years) - Can't wait to receive my Librem 5 phone!

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