My is behind the scenes here - taking this picture. It shows a working connection between the L5 (connected to the other side of the grey usb-c cable) and my Librem14 running minicom.

While is running the output of the GPS module is transmitted over serial.

During boot I'll hopefully be able to get the serial console to u-boot soon.

More information can be found here:


It's been some way to go, but now I'm in control of my : I can access the boot prompt.

I'm used to be able to do so to debug boot problems (in those rare cases) using grub.

Nice side effect: this version of u-boot (build to support uart2 instead of uart1) does support booting from sdcard.

Best part of it: No need to open the L5 at all and thereby low risk of breaking anything.

Would be nice to find a cheaper device than DELL TB16 to trigger thunderbolt alt mode...

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