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"In recent years, firms like #Google and #Facebook have used the Global South as a test bed for new and unregulated forms of data collection. Faced with #coronavirus, the same mechanisms are being rolled out across the world — with for-profit data collection becoming increasingly central to states’ management of their #welfare systems."

#Tech Giants Are Using This Crisis to Colonize the Welfare System

#surveillance #privacy #healthcare #bigtech #covid19

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@purism @9to5linux What about Librem5? Why are we not getting any information about those delayed deliveries?

@Rheall Happy to hear that. Good job convincing them to move to the eh dark side.

@Patrik @Joelsh Ser fram emot att lyssna! Ni har en så sällsamt lyssnande dialog. En oas i all hysteriskt polemisk tyckonomi.

@torproject @privacyint Ask google? To stop being google? That seems very optimistic.

@warburtonstoryaddict Lovely! I wish you a happy new year outside facebook captivity. respect.

@Gina I dont know exactly what oliebollen is but it sounds good. Happy new year!

@bjorn Härligt att se ett svenskt tuut Björn. Jag har hittills bara skrivit svenska på, men jag ska börja med det här också. Vill hellre prioritera lokala kontakter. Så följ mig.

@purism 2019 > Started doing more things offline and even without technology. Like leaving my iphone at home, asking people for directions and trying to remember what to buy without clouded checklist and reading real books. 2020 > Well, hopefully getting my librem5 right? ;P I will also do more to invite other people to come together in finding new ways to fight surveillance capitalism not only as individuals but even more importantly at the political level.

"Ett vanligt sätt för nystartade teknikföretag att maximera tillgången till privatpersoners beteendedata är att erbjuda en plattform där material från en mängd olika källor samlats på en plats. Allt är åtkomligt från din dator, smartphone och padda. Du ska aldrig behöva vara utan. Om man endast ser till det låga priset och den bekväma tillgången till "allt" verkar det vara det bästa som har hänt sedan skivat bröd."

"The attention economy is an arbitrary historically specific paradigm rather than the only possible way to organize our transactions given the recent technological progress, but it tends to be perceived that way. Like the inevitable air we breathe."

@theprivacyfoundation I would love something like that! I sometimes search for software at but they are not really ranking, it seems like more of a very narrow curated list of foss (glpv3 i think?) apps that the fsf says respect your "four freedoms". Cant say if its fair though. Ranking would be good for finding the lesser of two evils when you can't afford to be idealistically pure.

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