Exotisk jultaco med rödbetsallad och banan. Gott. God jul!

"Ett vanligt sätt för nystartade teknikföretag att maximera tillgången till privatpersoners beteendedata är att erbjuda en plattform där material från en mängd olika källor samlats på en plats. Allt är åtkomligt från din dator, smartphone och padda. Du ska aldrig behöva vara utan. Om man endast ser till det låga priset och den bekväma tillgången till "allt" verkar det vara det bästa som har hänt sedan skivat bröd."


I just wrote some python code for exporting playlists from CMUS to .m3u-format, to be used in my case in VLC for mobile on iOS. gitlab.com/arvidmarklund/cmus-

I have started to collect unique shops and coffee shops. Those that have not been replaced by some big franchise or chain store. They should not be allowed to spread unrestrained. Just leave the small local businesses alone. I don't really want to get active politically right now, but I have decided to spend more time on these places. Because I'm worth it.


"Social media, media streaming services and gig economy platforms all use recommender systems to make guesses about what we like by analyzing ours and others behavior. These systems can make an abundance of options seem trivial and sometimes make decisions seem so obvious that we don't even think of them as choices. This is comfortable and saves us time, but will result in the loss of something else."


I finally moved my webpage from wordpress to a simple custom made html/css inspired by @ChrisWere et al. and also by the fact that so many wordpress themes has started using google fonts. It was built with a simple python scipt and xml-files. Check it out at: arvidmarklund.com

Hello everyone! Just signed up for a new libremone account in front of the fireplace. I really hope this can become a much needed convenient alternative to google/facebook for non techies ^^

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