New keycaps for my Drop ALT. When I saw the nod to the space race I knew I had to buy them.

Time to review some sections from Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks by @kyle again.

Got my hands on my @purism Librem 14 shortly after I got back to the US. Then I went out for tacos while Qubes downloads. Internet here is so slow. And expensive.

Decided to finish some minor restoration tasks on this antique spinning wheel I picked up at the kringloopwinkel. Now I guess I’ll be spinning the rest of this wool on the new old wheel. Much different feeling to spin on this old single treadle wheels versus my new ball-bearing equipped double treadle wheel.

And finished todays bit of spinning and plying. I still have quite a lot of wool left to go overall but I’ll get through it one step at a time.

Non-tech project of the new week. Spin another bobbin of yarn from this really nice BFL roving. When that’s done, I’ll ply the two together and get started on the next bunch. I’ve got some plans to probably use this in a cardigan at some point.

Went to the thrift store for a TV stand. Returned with a TV stand, a vintage spinning wheel, and a vintage sewing machine. All for less than €60. Not mad about it at all.

Finished the fingerless mitts I started in... August? Been way too busy lately. Anyway, this is all handspun yarn. My friend did the white on the wheel I bought her, and I did the brown with a drop spindle I made out of wood from a big oak tree damaged in a hurricane years back.

Not a bad Sunday when you manage a feature release and finish spinning some yarn!

Now that I’m nearing the end of this dyed wool
roving I can’t decide what I really want to do with the resulting yarn. Do I ply it over itself, or spin something neutral and ply it with that for a neat twist of color? Could also knit it as a single and make a very lightweight cowl or something. 🤷🏻‍♂️

If this was a parking spot in TX there would be a crane at work full time to pull trucks out of the water 😂

Taking a break from a gazillion screen hours to make something with my hands.

My real reason for hoping the @purism Librem 5 delivers on the convergence goal is so I can resume using this awesome briefcase that just weighs way too much with a laptop and keyboard inside! 🤷🏻‍♂️

Got my 4Ks back in service too. All the better to up the isolation level given the massive spike in COVID-19 cases here in NL this week.

My Dutch colleagues always joke about my lack of boots since I’m the resident Texan. When I fly back tomorrow I’ll do it in my freshly resoled boots. Mmhmm.

Wandered deeper into the Matrix rabbit hole this morning, creating another user for myself with the homeserver. Using the client from two separate browsers I found myself unable to send messages from my acct to I could send from librem to matrix, and even receive them on the matrix side, but nothing originating at the matrix side was ever received on the librem side. I hope @purism can sort these issues out for the sake of Librem 5.

Spun my first few meters of yarn in my new place today while watching the windmill turn from my top floor. I like it here a lot. is a nice little town.

Managed an IKEA haul on my bike. Now I won’t freeze my ass off tonight. Good thing I brought my climbing gear. A little cord, two biners, and our friend the clove hitch goes a long way.

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