Got my hands on my @purism Librem 14 shortly after I got back to the US. Then I went out for tacos while Qubes downloads. Internet here is so slow. And expensive.

@stevenroose everything fits together right. It feels nice. I hate the keyboard, but I expect to hate laptop keyboards as that’s now an industry standard. There’s probably some secret international governance body that prohibits the design or sale of a laptop keyboard that doesn’t suck.

@ajmartinez I have to say, I like my ThinkPad T480's keyboard. But I agree I don't recall liking any other laptop keyboard ever before.

@stevenroose Thinkpad keyboards lead the pack. I do like my T460s KB. The X390 is notably worse. They’ve been in steady decline since X200. I’ve used worse than the one in the Librem 14, and I will surely adapt as I always have. In any case, I mostly dock my machine and use a mechanical so it won’t annoy me often.

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