@kyle especially since the SCOTUS decided companies are people in 2010. Guess our spam filters, firewalls, and E2EE are all we got though.

@Gina she lives! Hope you’re doing well! Went bouldering the other day in Den Haag and thought of you

"The Federal Trade Commission unanimously voted Wednesday to pursue policies that will make it easier for people to repair their own things." vice.com/en/article/k78xbn/ftc

@kyle yeah if the anonymous ID is assigned once it ain’t anonymous. Part of the problem is the cult of Big Data and METRICS.

I dislike when companies capitalize on incidents, so I usually publish my thoughts months later to avoid even the appearance. But folks asked us how @purism products fare against a Pegasus-like attack so I wrote about our overall spyware defense. puri.sm/posts/defending-agains

@kyle I’ve seen what passes as Anonymous Data and wondered how anyone could conclude there was anything anonymous about it. Disturbing.

@scitesy fair enough! Second time I’ve heard that today 😂

@scitesy my views on programming don’t always make sense. For the longest time strongly typed languages seemed impossible to grasp, and maybe Rust is the first time I’ve tried hard enough? The day’s worth of C# tutorials were surprisingly simple to get through, and maybe that’s because of all the time I spent learning Rust? In the end as long as it works and *can be maintained by others* I try not to care what language is used. As long as it’s not Java ;)

@scitesy I did look at F#, but it did not strike me as a language I want to learn - the syntax is too alien for me personally. It turns out since my last meeting with MS directly, they actually fixed the Python SDK so perhaps I don't need to learn another language and can just keep flexin' Old Faithful.

Most interesting. As part of my periodic rotation of strong random passwords on my never-used-but-maintained-so-family-can-still-tag-me-in-things-only-they-care-about Facebook account, I noticed there's an option to Encrypt Notification Emails. I've enabled that, and assume that the tiny set of people I know who actually use PGP might be interested to know of this feature. All one of them follows me on here so, my duty is done!

Given that the network I am responsible for is chock full of Azure services, it looks like I will now find out if my brain has any space left for learning PowerShell and C#. My personal tools are quite probably always going to be Bash, Python, or Rust. Same for any work related to the embedded nodes connected to my network. For the cloud stuff the clear winner in exposed functionality is C#, so I guess I’m learning it get around the big gaps in Azure’s Python SDK.

It's strange that we are solving the problem that people use the same passwords everywhere, by replacing passwords with unrevokable biometrics, that *have* to be the same everywhere to work.

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Biometrics aren't secrets. It seems like "a good quality infrared image of the target's face" is hard to get right now only because the tech isn't ubiquitous yet. Wait until every website the user logs into has a copy. arstechnica.com/information-te

@kyle yeah, it does indeed seems like an unwise move at its core. A “something you have” that is used exactly the same way everywhere is no better than just leaving everything as a default ‘Welcome123!’ as far as I’m concerned. Convenient and secure are rarely friends, but I do believe there are ways (and I’ve implemented a few) where inconvenience is minimized while security is maximized.

@kyle my unit was the “Sledgehammer” brigade, and as such we were dismissed from PT by Peter Gabriel’s song of the same name blasting on loud speakers every morning in garrison. The first time I heard it in a mall after I got out I was pretty far from okay with it.

Buidl Crypto just published an long-form interview with me where I touch on just about every aspect of @purism. It's a great conversation, check it out here: open.spotify.com/episode/290Ap

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