Time to end my stay in the fediverse where everything is three times more complicated than it was a decade ago while managing to also be a sixteenth as functional.

@kyle @jlcrawf Apple but for cars and with, if one can even imagine, less QC.

Fueled somewhat by a heavy dose of imposter syndrome for being a mechanical engineer who spends his professional time writing software and managing a team of DevOps engineers, I have started going through SICP and another course on data structures and algorithms. May not help any with the imposter syndrome but it’s at least interesting.

@kyle it’s not just the vehicles. There is a lot of waste in general.

@kyle sounds about right. Knitting a shawl once the rows get long can take an hour each.

@kyle this is a big part of the reason I do not have work email on my personal devices and refuse to carry a work phone. My team can contact me on Matrix or Signal in a true emergency (and the cases that meet this definition are well defined).

Still, I have some extra sense that wakes me and says “the things are broken” with a lower false positive rate than most monitoring systems. One day perhaps I’ll even figure out how to put that in silent mode.

I've updated my EMacs config to remove EVIL mode. We'll see how this goes. Lately the modal way has caused more friction than it's worth, and after two decades of piloting vi(m) it's not like I'll forget anyway.

More solidly embodying my oldness by throwing my back out yesterday. Possibly the least enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.

@randynose @nathand@fosstodon.org @Gina I hear it’s fine if the rug a) lacks fringe (or that fringe is tucked under) and b) has a backing mat to prevent it sliding across the floor.

@kyle @karmanyaahm and containerized electron apps (snap or flatpak). ☠️

New keycaps for my Drop ALT. When I saw the nod to the space race I knew I had to buy them.

@Gina like everyone else said: apply to both. Tails is great and I use it for a lot of different things.

@kyle looks like scarves zoom off the loom! Very cool. Something like that would take me at least two weeks to knit if I had the time to attack it a few hours a day.

@kyle light plays with fibers in some really cool ways. One of my cowls looks completely different inside under tungsten vs outside. It’s not even a funky dyed yarn either, just some undyed alpaca.

"Today was my last day at Oracle, and thus also in the MySQL team. [...] MySQL is a pretty poor database, and you should strongly consider using Postgres instead."



@kyle that looks awesome man! Super interesting to see how the same kind of fiber can make such a different fabric with a different method of making loops and such.

@Gina what an awful view to have to deal with! Hope you’re coping okay and not missing the beauty and wonder of the Dutch winter too much 😂

@kyle these things happen, and you learn from them just like all the weird mistakes we made setting up servers 20 years ago that we’ll never make again.

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