Released another alpha version of A Rust Site Engine. Using Tera, Pulldown CMark, Routerify, and SimpleCSS to serve pages rendered from Markdown, along with static content. There’s a roadmap to 1.0 in the readme now, and I’m aiming to hit my targets in the next few weeks. Next up: custom Error types so I can eliminate/reduce the use of unwraps.

With a demo of a site running arse,

In the process of setting up monitoring of various services my team is responsible for, I found myself back at references @kyle shared many years ago that hold up today. Here's a quick one on `sar` -

Ah the joys of having one of the legacy systems you’ve just spent the last several hours discussing the perils of run out of file handles right at quitting time. Resolved rapidly, but not really my favorite way to close out a long day.

@Duke64 the strict requirement to pay attention to ownership, types, and error handling in Rust really changed how I approach problem solving in code. It's much more in line with the sort of details I was used to checking and having others check when I was still working as a mechanical engineer. Expect what you can inspect. For too long I just tried until I succeeded, but now I'm much more able to plan the path first and then quickly implement a solution.

@kyle I suspect that may be true. I’d considered firing up my vault dispvm and running it in there to see what kind of activity it generates on a system that doesn’t even have network access.

@kyle quick look at the source makes it look like it spawns quite a few ‘goroutines’ to inspect any and every process. Seems like that would keep a core or more busy on any modern *nix given all the various watchdogs and such.

My recent adventures with have really leveled up my general software development skills. Tasks that might have gone nowhere in a full day in other languages are now taking me but a few minutes, and work the first time. That leaves more time for the management side of my job...

Updated my config with some excellent bits from this post:

I made a few changes specific to my own environment, and am enjoying the updates already.

Released an alpha version of A Rust Site Engine, or arse, today. There are features and documentation to add, but it works for a minimal site with a default template using simplecss for styling. is running on arse now because I needed a good laugh and the jokes just make themselves.

Like the latest fashion,
Like a spreading disease,
Devs will login all the way to production,
Getting root shells with the greatest of ease.

Pentests staked out your whole network locale,
And if they pop your Jenkins then it's all over pal.
If one dev exploit gets a shell in Linux,
They're gonna bash it up, slash it up, hack it up, prod's not up.

@Gina yup, 4th winter is here with... snow in April. WTF even.

“The cloud ate my packets and no one knows where they went!” - A Good Friday Epic brought to you by Azure.

@Gina yeah like I was walking around in a short sleeved shirt still Toasty AF and thought oh lawd I have become Dutch if it gets hot again this summer imma die. 😭☠️

@Gina we have been enjoying nice long walks in the sun the last two days 🌞🌞🌞

A few steps further on the Rust site generator. Writing tests first is helping quite a bit.

Got started on the Rust site generator I started working on to handle a blog my fiancée wants to make today. I organized some thoughts as issues on my Gitea, and then moved forward writing tests for the interface I wanted. By the end, I ticked many boxes and largely finished the argument handling. Configuring the library and binary logging is next, and then the actual server route handling.

@kyle good to know. Think I may snag one of these and a 3D printer. Use my actual degree for something for a change. Print up some cases for my various SBCs and MCUs. Will probably make something for the Librem 5 too once my number is up - already have some ideas.

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