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Here’s to hoping I actually get to do some climbing in the next two years. I moved to Europe prepared to climb every weekend of the season but then 2020 happened and the only climbing I’ve done is up the stairs into bed.

And let me just say how cool it is that a Tails stick I created a month ago booted up and immediately said “upgrade!!!!”

Worked like a charm too.

Sometimes I still expect nothing to work after an upgrade like the old days when a new kernel most likely meant you’d spend a week trying to figure out why your audio didn’t work anymore.

Yarn progress. May only have a week or two left before I finish spinning this single. Plying should not take very long afterwards.

First time spinning dyed wool, and first time spinning in The Netherlands. What else am I to do on quarantine?

Finished my small workbench. No nails or screws, just joinery. Legs are glued into the feet, but the rest is just friction fit for now. It ain’t perfect but it’ll do. Learned a lot in the process too.

Got outside and did some more work with my hands. It’s hotter than hell, and electing to work with hand tools only made it harder but more satisfying. I’ll finish this bench tomorrow most likely.

Got my SpinOlution Pollywog spinning wheel today and immediately got started with some merino top I got as a sample in a larger order. Spun a single and then plied it back on itself. Will ply the two spools of singles I did on my EEW Nano next.

Finished my first plied handspun yarn today. 90% of the singles were spun on my drop spindle, and the plying was done on me EEW Nano. A proper wheel is likely in my future.

The spindle filled up so I wound a cake and started back up. I’ll ply the two together when I’m done. Also made a second spindle for my fiancée

Got started on some new yarn from this roving made of huacaya alpaca and zwartble sheep wool.

Took the handcrafted game to another level with some oak I cut after Hurricane Harvey, sawed to planks, dried, and planed into 3/4” stock. Made a Turkish Drop spindle and started learning to spin yarn from fibers.

Spent the weekend in the shop building a stand for a friend’s massive geode. It all worked out quite well.

A little less than a year into learning to play the violin and I’ve stepped up from my beginner outfit. Very pleased.

First post: getting started on finally adding a sleep platform to the bed of my Tacoma

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