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@tchx84 @linmob @devrtz I'm not at FOSDEM so likely best to grab @devrtz at the stand (or maybe he dropp{s,ed} some there)

@tchx84 @linmob @devrtz are you at FOSDEM? Otherwise I can send some to you.

@subins2000 See - it's really just a quick hack reusing one of the current completers. Would be great if you'd look into plugging govarnam into it as proper shared library.
Currently the different completion engines are compile time (not run time). Ill post an MR to change that soon.

#fosdem weeeeee

Looking forward to meeting all the bautiful people coming to the mobile devroom today.

Also: I will be giving a talk :)

@subins2000 I had trouble getting govarnam to work but did a quick hack to plug libvarnam (I have no idea if it predicts anything useful though 😃):

@subins2000 It seems debian is missing sqlite's fts5 extension which is required by varnam:

$ ./varnamcli -s ml varnam
2023/02/03 18:06:57 no such module: FTS5

Do you plan to have varnam included in Debian ? Maybe @praveen can help? It looks enabled here

$ sqlite3 test.db
sqlite> CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE email USING fts5(sender, title, body);
sqlite> .tables
email email_content email_docsize
email_config email_data email_idx

works too.

@subins2000 thanks a lot for the video! I think we can do what you want if we plug a completion engine that uses varnam instead of the presarge, uim or fzf based ones. This is presarge based completer. With varnam it would show the results from varnam_transliterate instead.

@subins2000 I don't understand. We do word suggestions in phosh-osk-stub (see video below). (I had filed that issue you link to 😃 ). What do you think is missing? I was able to integrate with UIM just fine too: See

Fixed an index corruption bug in Debian Code Search 😱

The impact was that some queries might have lacked results within a fraction of packages (estimate: ≈2000 out of ≈35342).

If you are relying on any Debian Code Search queries for an important analysis since November 2022, you should re-run them just to be sure!


@purism Instead of having multiple posts for the different components I aggregated things into a single document. Let me know if this makes sense.

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@vmaurin ah...I have a folder on my laptop that I sync with the phone using syncthing (as lots of these PDFs things arrive in my INBOX)

@vmaurin Thanks! Happy to read that it's helpful. I'd be nice to get some metadata attached so different tickets are easier to tell apart e.g. by icon (without breaking the simplicity of "just put a PDF into a folder) - the folder gets crowded really quickly.

Shoot out to @agx and #librem5 on #phosh I am daily driving a #pinephone and it is a joy to use, especially ticket box when travelling or picking up QR/bar code stuff 👏

@martijnbraam I'll check that, thanks! Happy to hear if anyone is already using it.

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