It looks like a red rectangle... But it is a red rectangle that took me a whole day to program because I had to figure out how to plot something with Cairo inside of a GTK Box element that is not visible at the time of creating the plot... But now I understand how Cairo works πŸ˜… I furthermore added my own formulas for calculating the position of the sun and the formulas for calculating the position of the milky way are now working correctly.

I figured out how to make my plots dynamic! 😍 3D animations will be implemented in Picplanner soon!

My first picture edited with my new workflow and 100% software!
As RAW converter was used and for selective editing was the programme of choice. My OS is of course πŸ˜„
I deleted Windows with all my products three months ago... And it was a good decision! πŸ˜…
Shot with my
20mm, F/1.8, 20 s, ISO-3200

Before and after editing πŸ“·

plot_circle: I have added a new function to my minimalistic 3d plotting library πŸ˜„
❗I moved my project on Gitlab to another account name❗

First test on the qemu image was successful. My first Linux app fits well :)
I also started to write a plot library based on Cairo to realise a virtual representation of the 3D data.

Started programming my first app for the in C.
Hope to be ready with my first idea until Evergreen πŸ˜…
But I already love being able to chose which language you want to use!

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