I finally have a working map view in my app .

I used the new library which is the version of .
The ShumateSimpleMap widget is quite convenient to use!
The documentation however is nearly not existing and it was at least for me quite an effort to create a working widget. But now it looks nice πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

I recently made a short study (number of samples = 1) which showed that the floor is much harder then the aluminum housing of a notebook.

Until now my notebook was powered by 100% open source software.
Now it is also open hardware.

Soooo cute πŸ˜„πŸ˜…

Shot with a Canon EOS R5 and edited with ART (fork of Rawtherapee) on Manjaro Linux.

I love Linux as a photographer! I lately calibrated my monitor again and it is so easy with in combination with a Datacolor Spyder 5.

But I was not able to make the calibration via color settings. It always gave me an error... Has anyone managed to do this?

I recently bought a Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera. The RAW files are now in a new CR3 format which is still not very well supported in Linux. However a fork of the RAW converter RawTherapee called ART fully supports them. Furthermore ART is extremely intuitive. I think this will be my new favourite editing programme! Here some examples 100% processed on Linux 😍

Another photo edited with .
I really love this application! I ditched two years ago and I never looked back!

Captured with a EOS 6D
1/250s, F16, ISO-1000, 20mm

Being outside at this whether is only funny when you know you will be back home in a view hours! πŸ˜„
Again edited with !
I really love this RAW converter.
1/500s, F/5.6, ISO-400, 400mm

Possibility 1:
The moon makes a big jump at 1 o'clock.

Possibility 2:
My calculations are not correct.

The last days were very productive and PicPlanner is now able to calculate and present the time and azimuth of Sunrise and Sunset, the time of the blue hour and golden hour and the end and beginning of the dark night. The elevation of the sun is also visualised in a plot. I will do the same for the milky way in the next few days.

Still experimenting with the user interface. At least my plots scale now as I want them to.
But it will still take some time until this app looks nice πŸ˜…

It looks like a red rectangle... But it is a red rectangle that took me a whole day to program because I had to figure out how to plot something with Cairo inside of a GTK Box element that is not visible at the time of creating the plot... But now I understand how Cairo works πŸ˜… I furthermore added my own formulas for calculating the position of the sun and the formulas for calculating the position of the milky way are now working correctly.

I figured out how to make my plots dynamic! 😍 3D animations will be implemented in Picplanner soon!

My first picture edited with my new workflow and 100% software!
As RAW converter was used and for selective editing was the programme of choice. My OS is of course πŸ˜„
I deleted Windows with all my products three months ago... And it was a good decision! πŸ˜…
Shot with my
20mm, F/1.8, 20 s, ISO-3200

Before and after editing πŸ“·

plot_circle: I have added a new function to my minimalistic 3d plotting library πŸ˜„
❗I moved my project on Gitlab to another account name❗

First test on the qemu image was successful. My first Linux app fits well :)
I also started to write a plot library based on Cairo to realise a virtual representation of the 3D data.

Started programming my first app for the in C.
Hope to be ready with my first idea until Evergreen πŸ˜…
But I already love being able to chose which language you want to use!

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