I am now on with my application designed for the (with ).
The Idea is to give photographers the possibility to calculate the position of the sun, moon and milky way to plan the perfect spot to take a picture.

I am not a programmer so please tell me if you would do something differently.
AND if you know how to make a 3D plot of a coordinate system in C (similar to matplotlib in python) please tell me! 😅


@vancha I hope my new post can answer your questions 😅

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@zwerg12 I've done a bit of astrophotography before, and this idea is really cool :) I know a bit of C (although I've never used it pofessionally) and if you think I can help out please let me know ^^
Also thanks for updating.

@vancha Thanks a lot! I will give an update in a view weeks and if I am stuck anywhere completely I will definitely ask 😅

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