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I'm announcing that my new blog is up now! In it I'll explore ARM Linux development and C programming. For now, this is all from the perspective of a Linux newbie. My first article is also live now, and describes my Pinephone daily driver setup, and why I chose to go minimal. Please visit the site and provide feedback. Thanks for your support!

Got a chance to talk to Miles Alan about his amazing projects:

* (Early days of) #Sxmo
* framebufferphone: new UI
* Mepo: new map app for Sxmo, fbp, Phosh, possibly PlaMo & more
* Why he likes #zig and #oilshell


@PINE64 Other (I think ordinary) wear and tear from infrequent opening would be the clip closest to the dip switches starting to wear both frame-side and back plate side. So maybe a third thumbnail slot in that corner as well... at that point might as well put one in each corner.

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Anyone else crack their back plate like this?
Maybe this is from dropping it and/or opening it too much.
I think the design could be fixed if @PINE64 made a backplate that had thumbnail slots on both sides.

The CADT model of software design: just rewrite it!
Note that I do encourage (on the consumer's part) fixing bugs over reporting them, but I covet stability from maintainers.

The new postmarketOS v21.12 SP2 service pack is out! This release finally brings MMS to stable with chatty 0.6 and the latest #sxmo and #phosh.


Made my own recipe for tonight. (Rather than following some recipe online).
"Try not to curdle the eggnog. After you've curdled it, blend until consistent." 😅 If it's any good, maybe I'll share it.

PinePhone community poll results are now available. Thank you to all those who took part in the questionnaire!

Today, I learned how to leave a channel in : You just type /PART

Also, does anybody else like the alternative ? I'm tired of being all alone in at (occasionally, someone will join, message, and part while I'm away).

Checking out a cool open source project, I notice the author's email domain is unfamiliar.

...2 minutes later "I should learn Russian"

okay, now my #pinePDA is running sxmo since @kelbot gave me the magic swipe gesture to make it go landscape.

multiple workspaces, the toot-lab in one via firefox in fullscreen mode and zoom at 50%, and this is quite the little pocket computer!

Posted an update on gemini, featuring and other such developments.


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I usually publish an update on my gemini capsule on the 22nd each month, but it'll be late this month. Exciting stuff though with a wvkbd and work on suggpicker: a new suggestions selector to complement the keyboard.

If you've been exposed to Moxie Marlinkspike frequent rants about how people are dumb and lazy and we should have centralized systems for their happiness, André Staltz wrote a very good counterpoint (from @makeworld )

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