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New build: a plugin for my keyboard-case to hold a (or any smartphone).

I would say it works well, but TBH it needs a counterweight to be a usable lap-top device.

Actually, updating to on was pretty easy
1. php occ db:convert-type pgsql nextcloud localhost nextcloud
2. (Disable some apps until that command worked)
3. ssh $OLD_SERVER pg_dump nextcloud | psql nextcloud
4. rsync data dir onto new server
5. Mess around with some config stuff
6. Update wiki page to be slightly more up-to-date

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Watched last night: the movie about an going off-script against a massive studio... maybe I should get (back?) into . I don't play many single-player games, as coding is just more fun.

Migrating a site to from mysql/mariadb

1. Run migrations to create db structure
2. Remove single quotes from the database (and newlines/control characters, because why not). This allows mysqldump files to be imported into postgresql.
3. mysqldump --compatible=postgres --no-create-info --skip-add-locks $DB | psql $DB
4. Fix increments `ALTER sequence song_id_seq RESTART 12345;` (current versions of laravel use old-fashioned postgres increments)

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I thought a fun thing to do would be to switch my main VPS to for more frequent updates (compared to ubuntu). (I run , a custom site, and some other simpler stuff) So far, I've started using , and also have been learning that migrating from mysql/mariadb to may have been too ambitious an idea.

Hey fediverse! I'm called Zach, and yes, I love technology. Started coding as a kid writing games using , got into programming . Spent several years doing web development and some , looking to expand my skills and gain new experience.

Technology should (at least) do one thing well, and (necessarily) be there when you need it.

Another reminder that is awesome :)

I just want to mention, again, how useful and what a blessing is! I can only imagine the work that went into it, but it is very much appreciated, at least by me!

anyone have an idea how could be modified to fade out the currently running app, so we could see our wallpaper?

background setting gave performance issues, so I'm thinking this approach will be better.
So far, I have


in gtk.css

In her youth my Mum was the punch card operator for a major computer. She also had basic programming skills.

Then she had kids and that was the end of that. Computers feel completely foreign to her now.

There’s a lot made about how computing is easier now. This afternoon she said to me “in my day you just told the thing what to do and it did the thing”. I was trying to show her how to use libre office and windows restarted. Then the wifi broke.

She got out of IT at the right time.

I needed to `sudo modprobe uinput`. This is really promising, I bet someone running would be able to get it running faster because that supports splitscreen and doesn't.

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I tried out -virtual-gamepads (

syscall crashes with after I select 'gamepad'.

but we'll call this 'promising'. probably will be easier to add support to than to try to wade through the levels of complexity to get to behave nicer under (it tells me unknown keyboard layout sometimes at compile)

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With the recent talk about support for some big apps, I wonder if there are any soft-gamepads that could work with on a device.

Any leads?

apparently it's also important to delete the old records... and also that the new records are correct.

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Installed a new home router, and I guess it decided to get us a new IP address, so my gemini capsule is down while the new A record propagates.

today I added a script to my capsule to allow me to add to my /bookmarks.gmi file *using gemini*.

Seems like some of the browser experience could be done out in geminispace itself... less requirement for client authors, though that means more things "in the cloud".

#uxn tutorial day 2 is now ready for you to enjoy drawing your first pixels and sprites in the uxn screen! :tealheart:



@friend @postmarketOS ooh we *still* don't have a dang screenshot bind out of the box... Don't worry the key bind I used here is *only* for the proof of concept, check out the WIP MR for more details:

. @wholesomedonut wants to see technology as it is: "a miraculous, marvelous invention whose original intents have long been uprooted by a society full of greed and indifference"
I hope you're able to get free from the vitriol and set your mind on higher things. (Unfollowing negative accounts helps, but maybe taking a break from the fediverse would be best).

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