Proud to introduce my new activitypub project: . Do you wish to follow on mastodon some people that are still on the bird site? Now you can! You can even follow the muskrat if you want @elonmusk (but why would you?)

@vincent A friend just showed me a toot of one of my tweets from earlier today that I deleted. I can't see any of the toots from that bot on my instance... is there any chance that toots of tweets get deleted when tweets are deleted? Does the bot toot all of my replies? Twitter is my place to argue with science deniers, Mastodon is supposed to be my safe space with reasonable people :D

@BattlingBeaver they stop being replicated, but they are not deleted if they are already on Mastodon servers no... I want to do something that does it but it's quite hard

@vincent I figured as much... I can't see any of them on my server, they only showed up on my friends. Is there any way for someone to access their bot and manually delete tweets?

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