Proud to introduce my new activitypub project: . Do you wish to follow on mastodon some people that are still on the bird site? Now you can! You can even follow the muskrat if you want @elonmusk (but why would you?)

@elonmusk It is a fork of the very excellant @BirdsiteLIVE but using a non-rated limited undocumented twitter api, and with some tweaks to make in more natively integrated into activitypub. The plan is to make it the most scalable twitter bridge on the fediverse!

I friended some accounts but it doesn't seem to be sending over the tweets. Is it a bug?
@elonmusk @BirdsiteLIVE

I guess that’s because the saturation gone over 100%

@vincent , why the site doesn’t show the saturation level?

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