Proud to introduce my new activitypub project: . Do you wish to follow on mastodon some people that are still on the bird site? Now you can! You can even follow the muskrat if you want @elonmusk (but why would you?)


Hallo. This '' instance of yours has roused a clamour among my Japanese co-mastodonians. Some are arguing about blocking the domain.

The problems are already described in other replies, so I'd like to give some ideas for your next update:

1) Authorization by the original twitter account owner required.

2) The account name should carry 'BOT' as its part, e.g., vincentBOT@bird... & 'Vincent Cloutier(BOT)'. (Present pattern doesn't make it clear to everyone.)

3) No boost possible.

I believe, if you could equip the site with these features, it truly would help us much better.


@adachika192 banning the domain is okay. Plenty of servers do and I find it reasonable. 1) Twitter sells data to anyone who wants them. You don’t own your tweets. People should delete their Twitter account if they are not comfortable with that 2) I already do (see picture and pardon the french). All accounts announce themselves as not. Agree that mastodon apps should display bots better 3) Except the previous point, why?


Thanks for a light-speed response. 😉

Well, talking about Nr. 2), I mean not only in profile but also with every single toot (tweet) in everyone's TL. You cannot expect people to click every time to check if an account is a BOT or original.

Actually, it is most crucial for me, to brand the Bot as clearly as possible.

Hope I made my point.

With all the respect and best wishes

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