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When Apple vocally switched sides to support California’s “right to repair” law, I knew there had to be a catch. Cory Doctorow explains the catch eloquently.

Apple uses VIN locking or parts pairing which is a process also used by car makers, printer manufacturers & Medtronic ventilators that requires a secret code from the manufacturer to enable replacement parts to be recognized. Bypassing it violates the DMCA which as a federal law beats state laws.


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#Tuba v0.5.0 is now available, with many new features and bug fixes!


New design & workflow 🎨​ (thanks,,
Composer media clipboard paste & drag and drop
Post buttons animations :apartyblobcat:
Push notification actions
Composer content-type selector (on software that support them)
Push notification grouping :blobfoxHuggiescat:
HTML parsing improvements
Muting push notification types :ms_dont_awoo:
Copying media to clipboard
More keyboard shortcuts & gestures ⌨️
Announcements tab

As always, there are too many changes to list here, if you're more interested, check out the full release changelog:

#GTK #GNOME #Vala #mastodev

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We're excited to announce the release of GNOME 45! 🎉
This release brings many exciting updates thanks to the hard work of contributors all over the world!

You can learn more about what this release includes in our release notes:

#GNOME45 #GNOME #opensource #releaseday

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Turns out I didn’t need @element as the @purism has #Matrix built into the native chat app. This is measurably getting better and better as a #security and #privacy phone. I’m still installing it for better chat room capability but THIS IS AWESOME.
#linux #encryption #infosec #cybersecurity #opensourcd

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What's happening around #godotengine right now is nothing short of it incredible. This number already grew by almost €20k (!) since I last posted it just a few days ago.

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Big oil coined ‘carbon footprints’ to blame us for their greed.

Climate-conscious individual choices are good – but not nearly enough to save the planet. More than personal virtue, we need collective action.

#Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

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Librem 5 is now $999 (a $300 Savings)! Due primarily to the overwhelming demand for the Librem 5, we were able to lower our component costs and are now able to pass that savings onto new customers.

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"All graphical applications should be Flaptaks. Not repackaged weird ones from openSuse, but the ones from Flathub which the rest of the community is working on."

-- @sysrich as All Systems Go 2023.

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Plasma developer David Edmundson demonstrates how a desktop using Wayland, Qt6 and KWin can recover from a catastrophic crash as if nothing had happened.

You will lose no data, the video you were watching will not skip a frame, and the contents of your clipboard will remain intact.


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Reminder that Apple uses a technology literally invented in 1984 to brainwash their users into thinking anyone using a non-Apple device is poor.

This lie is rampant and reinforced by the billionaire CEO of Apple, the richest company to ever exist.

Apple intentionally makes their devices bad at communicating with other devices because it means kids without Apple devices might get bullied into giving Apple more money. Apple knows this, and plays into it.

#Apple #iPhone #iMessage #RCS #Android

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Introducing the Librem 11 Tablet! The Librem 11 is a powerful tablet preloaded with PureOS running our Phosh user interface. Every order comes with a keyboard case, a pressure-sensitive stylus, and 1TB of storage. Order yours today!

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With the Librem 5 just hitting shipping parity and Purism holding stock for new purchases, it was time for an updated review of the tremendous progress our team has made with PureOS for the Librem 5 and Liberty Phone with Made in USA Electronics. Here we will talk about the good, bad, and lasting effects of PureOS on the Liberty Phone and Librem 5.

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Poking around JDK 21 assembly output for Panama native calls, and it’s looking good! Here’s the body of a loop calling a “helloworld” native function, with everything inlined up to the “linkToNative” downcall, which receives native function info and redispatches. Nearly direct!

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Turns out you on a #Librem5 you can install android in a container and it runs at native speed. The android window shows as an app, so I can just use an android app if I find a native version lacking, neat!

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14,000,092 accounts
+127 in the last hour
+3,687 in the last day
+27,613 in the last week

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