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What people think being "rich" is:

• Luxury vacations
• Designer clothes
• New sports car
• Big house

But it's all debt, not wealth.

Being wealthy is:

• High-quality friends
• Time freedom
• Good health
• Investments

Real wealth can't always be seen.

Stop being fooled by the illusion of wealth.

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4 years ago we began helping the non-profit @gnome promote their #opensource desktop software with short animated videos. The production window is often tight, but we try to have fun. This one went live today. Enjoy! 🍿

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“Netflix has switched by default from G1 to Generational ZGC on JDK 21 and later, because of the significant benefits of concurrent garbage collection.

“More than half of our critical streaming video services are now running on JDK 21 with Generational ZGC, so it’s a good time to talk about our experience and the benefits we’ve seen.”


#OpenJDK #Java

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🌎 Join us from anywhere in the world! The WildFly Mini Conference is virtual, so you can attend from the comfort of your own home on March 6, 2024. 💻

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Docusign just admitted that they use customer data (i.e., all those contracts, affidavits, and other confidential documents we send them) to train AI:

They state that customers "contractually consent" to such use, but good luck finding it in their Terms of Service. There also doesn't appear to be a way to withdraw consent, but I may have missed that.

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🆓 The WildFly Mini Conference is a FREE event for developers of all levels! 💯 Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best and network with the WildFly community on March 6, 2024.

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It's been a long time coming (well, not that long, really) but NVK is now ready for prime time:

You can expect to see NVK show up in your favorite distro some time this year.

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Flathub is about to be a whole lot more colorful - but we need your help!

Thanks to the recent port to libappstream Flathub now supports the AppStream brand colors, which we'll need for curated banners on the homepage.

If you maintain an app on Flathub, add brand colors to your app's MetaInfo file today 💅️🌈️

Blog post:


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#FOSDEM: While efficient video playback has long been possible in the embedded #Linux world, desktop applications have been lagging behind. Here's a look at the state of video offloading on the Linux desktop, by Robert Mader: #GStreamer #GTK #Chromium

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Which do you daily drive, Wayland or X11?

#Fedora #FedoraPoll #Wayland #X11 #Xorg #Linux #OpenSource #FOSS

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We need help from #Linux #NVIDIA users :linux:

We are trying to reproduce and debug an issue with WebKit GTK4

If you have rendering issues please reply with a screenshot, and we'll reach out for details.

Some example apps that are known to exhibit the issue

• Epiphany / GNOME Web
• Tangram
• Newsflash

Thanks for your help!

Boost welcome :boost_love:


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@fedora Gosh that's sweet. Our posting is as slow as our release cycle, but here's a belated poem:

Roses are red
Fedoras are blue
We couldn't exist
Without all that you do

You're the best, really.

#ILoveFS #CentOS #Fedora

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Hello! I'm a #bot that finds and boosts popular posts from the #Fediverse once every 30 minutes. Follow me to see a wide variety of content!

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These rows are perfectly horizontal and are not moving. A mind-bending anomalous motion variation of the Café wall illusion by Akiyoshi Kitaoka.


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