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We added a new option in called Restricted Boot that only boots self-signed kernels and distro-signed ISOs. I talk about how we approached this feature at length in this blog post:

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Time for an . I've been involved in and since the late `90s. My career started as a sysadmin, pivoting to security. I'm the President of @purism and work on hardware and software to protect , and freedom.

I've written a number of books ( and was a long-time columnist for Linux Journal magazine.

I have many hobbies including , refurbishing mechanical , , , and many other things.

Here is how to use Librem 5 or Librem 5 USA phone to authenticate Single Sign On for all your frequently used services. @agx writes about Kerberos authentication on the Librem 5📱

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Which one should you order: Librem 5 or the Librem 5 USA?
The key differences between the Librem 5 and the Librem 5 USA are the manufacturing location, lead time, and price. The actual electronics design, physical look, and software are all identical. Watch the latest video or read more📱

@letterus sure, please help translate and send us a note at

Thanks! Danke!

The combination of PureBoot, our Anti-Interdiction services, and the option of Qubes as the pre-installed OS makes hardware like the Librem 14 among the most secure computers you can buy.

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With the support of its investors, customers and backers, Purism team has developed a growing portfolio of mobile and computing products that are digitally responsible. Everyone should have the freedom and the choice to ‘opt-in’ and 'opt-out'. Learn more about our social purpose.

What is PureOS and how is it different? Purism created PureOS to ship as the default operating system on the company's line of security-oriented, Linux-based computers. Make Use Of talks more about it in their article.

Do you have a privacy-loving pal? Gift them a mini-PC that puts freedom, privacy and security first.
The Librem Mini is highly requested by the community, with PureOS, PureBoot (coreboot +Heads) and Librem Key support.

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