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@purism isn't it necessary to add env MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 in launcher to permit scroll on touch screen ?


@purism I have already preordered librem 5, but I want to donate more to you, how to do it?

@mrbaraban @purism A Librem One subscription maybe? I got one to get email. I no longer use the email but kept the subscription anyway

@kevinguillaumond @mrbaraban thank you mrbaraban, as Kevin suggested backing a paid Librem One account would be amazing! Thank you for everything :)

@purism Someday I hope to be able to buy the #Librem5 which is honestly the #smartphone I'd love having the most. Sadly it's just too expensive for most of us; I'll likely get a #Pinephone first which has the same noble goal. After than if I'll be lucky enough to afford it, I'm eager to get this lovely little device 😊

@purism i simply can't wait to get my preordered librem5... can you give me a current sheduled timeframe for my order number (44814705)?

@scops hi glad to hear! Depends which batch you are in, I can't assist with specific orders but you can contact support@puri.sm for assistance

@purism before the corona outbreak i was sheduled for march ^^ - yeah i still have a OpenMoko Freerunner at home. For me the Librem5 is _the_ "nextgen OpenMoko" ;)

Indeed a cool ability to have. But I still want to see a proper Firefox Mobile port.

@purism The best choice of web browser: I use #Firefox for nearly two decades now. Apart from some performance issues compared to #Chrome / #Chromium I never regretted it!

Especially after they had to fight the #UK #government to enable #DoH / secure #DNS because that's the kind of world we live in... yeah, they're definitely heroes of the #internet next to #Purism 😃

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