Whats apps are you excited to run on the Librem 5?

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@mdk @purism a openstreetmap application is being worked on for that.

But the developers are not connected to purism

@mdk @purism


Yes the name (puremaps) is only a coincidence.

The project is unaffiliated with purism.

@maryjane @mdk @purism Is it the same that is available for SailfishOS?

@mdk GNOME Maps runs on the Librem 5, altough it does not fit within the bounds of a smaller screen.

Its maintainer expressed interest about getting it running on the Librem 5. During FOSDEM he reached @purism 's @KekunPlazas, the maintainer of libhandy.

Libhandy is the library providing widgets to make GTK apps adaptive

@mdk See also @purism 's @dos (him again!) post about vanilla GNOME Maps scaled to fit in the screen.


@purism something like F-Droid from Android so I can get all things exclusively free software and secure. Other than that, of course Telegram, KDE Connect, something like KDE KOrganizer, handy notes like ColorNote, and good program for typing documents. I also would love Orbots and GNU Icecat. I use such programs a lot.

#purism #Librem5 #pureos #gnulinux #freesw #mobile

@ademalsasa @purism
F-Droid: Flatpak should do what you expect
Telegram: the electron app kinda works IIRC
KOrganizer: GNOME Calendar is being worked on to display a mobile view :)

Those are all suggestions for PureOS and Phosh. Plasma Mobile probably will have its own apps

@thibaultamartin @ademalsasa @purism Plasma Mobile and Ubuntu Touch already have that stuff: Kubes organizer and email client with kirigami, Flatpak support in Discover which uses kirigami (so it's adaptive), Teleports client from the UBT team.

UBT and Plasma Mobile are working closely together to get app compatibility going between the platforms. Right now i think it's mainly being held up by the outdated version of qt and other libraries in UBT's 16.04 base.

@ademalsasa @purism you can expect this from the librem 5's repositories if i'm not mistaken :)
The librem 5 should only run fully free software by default to comply with the ryf certification, so no f-droid alternative needed :)

@ademalsasa I think you may be interested by @purism latest blog post.

It's not Icecat, but Firefox is starting to look okay-ish on the #Librem5. Icecat being a stripped down of Firefox ESR, I bet you can get it running on the phone too.


@thibaultamartin thi Thibauilt, thank you, this is awesome. Yes I am interested in everything about Librem and PureOS. I would be very happy to learn more about it.


#purism #librem5 #pureos #firefox #icecat #browser

@carlosgonz Firefox already runs on the Librem 5. Of course its GUI could benefit from a bit of work to make it truly adaptive, but it runs well.

If I'm not mistaken, GNU Icecat is mostly a rebranding and it removes some non-libre parts such as Pocket. I don't see a reasy why it would be less supported.

See the relevant issue on Mozilla's bug tracker: bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.


@thibaultamartin @carlosgonz desktop Firefox works quite well, we wrote a blog post about it which also includes a video comparing it to the GNOME web experience puri.sm/posts/desktop-firefox-

I really want the ability to run .apk apps for the handful of necessary I need so I can ditch Android completely!

@micahbp A recent post from @purism ‘s @dos showed Anbox launching on the Librem 5.

This is very experimental and definitely cannot be considered as “running well” (if running at all?) but is a nice step forward

@purism Nextcloud and Jitsi Meet also

Would be great if we could have APKs :android: :android: :android: :thinking_rms:

@purism I don't mind leaving behind proprietary apps. I can keep running an emulator for those. However, there are several apps that I am hoping will gain official support on the . I am not really a fan of third party apps as they can be a security risk (even for FOSS). My list includes Telegram, Bitwarden, Tutanota and ProtonVPN.


Dann, glaube ich, müssten Sie die Threema-Entwickler fragen...
Immerhin läuft die Anpassung der Kompatibilität, dächte ich, über den App-Entwickler und nicht den Anbieter des Betriebssystems.

@AlinaTheHedgehog Ja, an der Überlegung ist sicher etwas dran 😉 Ich dachte nur, dass es vielleicht schon beim Betriebssystemhersteller bekannt sein könnte, dass so etwas geplant ist. Ich schaue mal, was ich rausbekomme ...

@suitbertmonz Ich habe die Erfahrung gemacht, dass sehr viele FLOSS-Enthusiasten eine sehr negative Einstellung gegenüber proprietärer Software haben und möglichst versuchen, komplett FLOSS zu gehen. Also vermute ich mal, dass die Chance, dass die Purism Entwickler überhaupt Threema auf dem OS haben wollen, eher niedrig ist.

@purism Game Emulators like gba, KITscenarist to write screenplays, krita . . and a lite version of blender, just to model simple polygons and make uv mapping hehe. Ipads have poor hardware and do several stuff. I know we can do more with that linuxy knowledge.

@barz GNOME Games is what you’re looking for.

Its maintainer @exalm wants to make it mobile friendly at some point. It is worth noting that Games original maintainer is @purism ‘s @KekunPlazas who is the current maintainer of libhandy, the lib to make GTK apps adaptive. @exalm works closely with @KekunPlazas on the lib itself.


A big thank you and/or donations to @exalm would show your support to his incredible work.

You can tip him on paypal.me/exalm

@purism A Matrix client, Minetest, and an SSH client with a GPG smartcard for the private key :)

@samylakes ah yes, seems like the thumbnails from the post were used... the full-size images are in the post. Sorry about that.

@purism I am getting into mapping for OpenStreetMaps with Vespucci. I hope Gnome Maps or Pure Maps expands their editing functionality to edit as well as Vespucci.

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