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#Sweden will likely pass a new law tomorrow which allows anyone from law enforcement to install spyware on computers, phones and smart devices a mere personal suspicion that a crime may have been or be committed. No warrant required.

Europeans may want to think hard about their options for full disk encryption, boot chain integrity and so on. Most #linux distributions have good options.

#infosec #fascism #bigbrother

Home made table in Merbau. A little hobby project my uncle and I have been working with during the winter 😊

On the day I would like to say thank you to all those developers out there, that has made it possible for me to run on my different laptops since 2003.
I would also like to thank for not reading through my e-mails, and giving me a possibility of using strong encryption easily.
Also I would like to thank the developers of and for making it poossible for me to have a phone, that is free from the surveillance capitalists.
Keep up the good work!

@sailfishosnews Hey
I am for about ten days a very happy Sailfish-user.
There is one thing I am missing though. I would like the possibility of setting the vibration on/off in the top menu. Could that be possible?
And btw thanks for a great product!

@delta Hey
I have tried to setup an account with you, but it wasn't possible using my @Tutanota e-mail. Is it possible to add your service to Tutanota-users?

Is reading 'The age of capitalism' by Shoshana Zuboff and is longing for my coming .
Please hurry

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