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I'm moving the Scene I have done in Blender to Unity3D. I still preffer Unreal Engine if we talk about Game engines . . . Anyway, let's give it a try.

Almost done, need final composition and maybe I can do a Night Lighting. Feel free to comment.

I'm very happy because I'm about to light the scene for render . . . tomorrow. Shaders all set and done.

Almost done people from the other side of the screen!, I hope you have seen enough 90's cartoons to understand the reference.

The bricks are done. The next are the architecture parts, the rest of the windows. Can you guess which cartoon's house belongs to?

Thanks to Wine 5, I had to install Zbrush on Fedora 31.

It's hard to admit that the state of sculpting in Blender 2.8+ is difficult to do a lot of details like in zbrush.

3D coat is native . . . 30 days trial is very short time to understand how it works. I didn't love it, but it's cheap. I will give some love later.

Mudbox 2020 is availble . . . but I thing Pixologic's poison is difficult to heal. Let's see what happen this year.

@knuxify hey person from the internet!, I have a Samsung SM-210R as in the PostmarketOS page, actually worked the config with the lt230g with no issues, but to be honnest I want to use a keyboard I have. It says that OTG works . . but I have an issue with a Lib at the install process. Can I send you an e-mail?


We did a video to one of our clients, that dedicates his life to do Rap Music and sell Tshirts. He wanted Smoke on the video, so we give him that.

if you need a video, post a comment

Español Le hicimos un video a un cliente que dedica su vida al Rap y a vender camisas. El quería humo en su video y se lo dimos.

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We did a colaboration animated with these talented people. They are Hypercube, their marketing strategies are great to promote any business everywhere.

Follow them at Facebook, so they can ask me for more videos ;-)

The poster was created for a non-profit event inside the Expo Tequila Ocotlan 2019, howevever; We believe it was necesary to make you know that this was a 3D scene. The idea and most of the work was done by 3D Mesh Studio
Individual credits:
Dante Alcion - Song Nº 5
Single Bike Model

Do you smell what's been cooking?
Huelen que se esta cocinando?

Stay Tunned!/¡Esten Pendientes

Tenemos un evento de luces. Hecho con Blender 2.8 e Inkscape.

We have an event with bikes and lights. Graphic has done with Inkscape and Blender 2.8

Avances sobre nuestro siguiente proyecto, estén al pendiente

Updates about our next project, starñy tunned

We work currently only with Free Software:

Blender, Gimp, Krita, Inkscape.

And we have in our team Computers working with Centos 7 and MX Linux 18.3

Stay Tuned for more updates

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