I sold three laptops with to a local automobile repair and sales business. Their service technicians will be using them to access a web app for their work process.

Great to see these laptops being put to good use!

Launched a new website:


A refresh and slight domain name change was in order, as we service more than the La Crosse, Wisconsin area (old domain had "lax" in it to indicate La Crosse).

The .us domain indicates that we serve a larger area in the United States. We can ship computers anywhere in the US and have our current inventory listed on the new website.

New Year – New Inkscape Challenge!

We challenge you to design a cover for a book you enjoy (using Inkscape), and to post your finished artwork here:

Everyone is invited to join in!

All entries to be submitted by 31 January 2022.

Please do spread the word!

🎆 Happy New (Inkscape) Year! 🎆


I usually schedule appointments in on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

I've been increasing the number of refurbished Dell and HP laptops that I have been selling.

For the past ten years or so, I have mostly sold refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, which have been really good. However, there are some design flaws starting in 5th and 6th gen T550 and T560 ThinkPad laptops that have made me reluctant to sell them, as I have a 1 year hardware warranty on all the computers that I sell.

The power button has some issues on those models. The T570 has storage issues.

Yesterday, I used @inkscape to create an advertisement that will run in a local youth basketball program.

I hadn't used much before that, even though I've usually had it installed on my system for years.

I noticed that they have tools plugins that would allow you to use Inkscape to generate code to run on a machine. I'd like to know more about that!

Orange Computer has partnered with Vernon Tech Center in Viroqua, Wisconsin

SSDs. Solid State Drives.

I've been upgrading a lot of computer from HDDs to SSDs.

The User Group meeting in is tomorrow, Thursday August 15th - 6pm at the People's Food Co-op second floor meeting room on 5th Street.


If I can get 2,141 more subscribers on LBRY... I'll have the most subscribed to channel on LBRY. I just decided I want that.

Help me get there and I'll bring back . ;)


In the past week, I have talked with several people who experienced what I call "the phone scam". It's where you call somewhere for Tech Support and end up being told that your computer has been hacked or that you need to purchase security software. This is almost always a scam.

Avoid calling Tech Support out of the local area. Ask for help with technology problems from friends and family first. I've seen lots of people lose significant money and time as a result of these kinds of scams.

@Nitrux_NX Thanks for following. I try to keep up with Linux topics. Hadn't heard of before you followed me. Checked out the website and read a little about it.

"Recently, tech companies have come to a troubling consensus: that they can change your computer, remotely (and often silently) without your knowledge or permission."


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