If I can get 2,141 more subscribers on LBRY... I'll have the most subscribed to channel on LBRY. I just decided I want that.

Help me get there and I'll bring back . ;)

I wish I can subscribe more times but unly allows me to do it once 😜

@lunduke I looked into LBRY and wasn't impressed. PeerTube is way cooler. LBRY had this...first impression trailer and it featured some terrible ex YouTubers...and I'm like...yeah, no.

@lunduke Your post inspired me to finally install the client for Linux. Hopefully it will work better than the Android version did . . .

So now I'm following you there :)

@lunduke Use Peertube Bryan, LBRY is promoting shitcoins, they could easily have built their platform to utilize Bitcoin, but instead they went the scam token ICO fraud route. FCK LBRY
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