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I'm really enjoying exploring decentralized technologies like , and

Doing a lot of upgrades to SSDs for people. Even computer that are ten years old run great for common tasks (email, web browsing, documents) after being upgraded with an SSD.

I'm installing on a laptop. Does anyone know if or PopOS is on the ?

Sweet! Almost up to 1,000 followers on Librem One / Fediverse!

The area monthly meetup is this evening (July 18th) at the People's Food Co-op.

The topic for the area meetup tomorrow (Thursday, July 18th) is containers (like Docker). Place is the People's Food Co-op, second floor meeting room. Start time is 6pm.

Orange Computer is a computer repair and sales company based in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States.

I'm exploring the . Thought I'd sign up for the Librem.One instance. I'm having a difficult time finding the public posts stream or seeing how I can follow other people.

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