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If you're bored and looking for something to do, you could add contact information for your favorite local restaurants on #OpenStreetMap.

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Now that we put some more groundwork into we can start to experiment with gestures in the compositor. It's just a hack so far to see if we're moving in the right direction:


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#Italy has a modern healthcare system and 3.1 beds per 1000 people (US is at 2.7). Yet the sick are on army cots in a makeshift clinic that seems a throwback to 1918?

How did Italy run out of hospital beds so quickly?

#news #coronavirus #pandemic

Resting after the most stressful week in a long time. Today WA closed all schools over COVID-19. Things feel surreal and like a movie. I am sad to see things come to pass the way I feared two weeks ago. Grocery and online stores are being ransacked. Guns and ammo are selling out. Distributors are selling out of goods. My next big fear is long isolation with desperation setting in leading to looting. It could lead to Martial Law. Hopefully not! 😅

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The best prevention for Covid-19 is Social Distancing. This means manspreading is back in as a great way to sit when you are riding on public transit. ( Men can also now cough on any angry fat women with colored hair who yell at them. )

#coronavirus #covid19 #memes #memewars #manspreading

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A: WHO announced Covid-19 is a pandemic
C: That's what I want to find out
A: I say the pandemic was announced by WHO
C: You mean you don't know?
A: Well I should
C: Then who announced it?
A: Yes

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@clif_high Tweet
59m ago

Had stuff delivered from near Seattle. Driver said was like day after the zombie apocalypse. What should have been 3+ hr trip was less than half. Said cops not pulling people over as they don't want to get it. No traffic for miles at a time. Welcome to new world.


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Now that so many places have been forced to build and use the telecommuting infrastructure/practices you must have to make it a success, I wonder how many will finally see the benefits and shift to it long-term.

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The consequence of too much hysteria and not enough data: not every #COVID19 illness requires hospitalization. Proper resource allocations are crucial especially now.

Follow the data.

#news #coronavirus #pandemic #health

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Why tracking Influenza Like Illnesses is relevant. Washington State is now seeing a spike in ILI ER visits. This is to be expected from the #coronavirus case reports

It confirms ILI ER visits are a useable proxy for #COVID19

#news #pandemic #health

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Charles Hill @charles_chill

Washington State (9 dead) now has more deaths from #covid19 than either Shanghai (3) or Beijing (8), and it’s still next to impossible to get tested here. #coronavirus #COVID19seattle

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Do not let hyped up headlines from the legacy media tell you how serious the #coronavirus #pandemic is. Let the data do that--that is its job.

Forget the headlines. Follow the data.

#COVID19 #health

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Upon A Shaky Foundation... Enter Covid-19
Published on Tue, 03 Mar 2020 23:25:00 GMT
Read time: 5 minutes (1,066 words)

> It was a balloon looking for a pin, and it found one in the coronavirus. It’s exposing our ridiculous financial bubbles, it’s exposing the fact the US can’t even manufacture its own surgical masks or medicines, and it’s exposing the clownish ineptitude of our leaders and institutions.

#ZeroHedge #California #Coronavirus #Italy #SouthKorea #CDC #China #News #PublishedOn200303

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