@purism been a long journey. Will be a nice early Christmas gift

@dosnostalgic games that incorporated live actors.. That was good. 7th guest, the 11th hour, star trek Borg/Klingon interactive movies. Blew my mind back then

@trinsec @dosnostalgic life and death was awesome.. Because of that game I can properly diagnose a kidney stone and have a 10/90 chance of either taking out an appendix or killing the patient off.

@purism looking forward to the new bios write protect and built in Ethernet port on the librem 15. :-)

@purism is there built in Ethernet port? If not will there be one in the next revision? That is the only thing holding me back from purchasing a couple

@purism looks great.. Can't wait until mid august for evergreen.. Assuming there are no further delays due to covid 19

@purism I liked your article about the free software you as a company uses. What do you use for email security. Do you use a open source mail filter. A product similar to the commercial barracuda mail filter?

@dosnostalgic I don't think I used the Norton tools but instead used the Microsoft scan disk / defrag. They probably obtained it from Norton.. But man I loved watching the scans especially on a defrag see it moving the files around

@dosnostalgic aww memories, I loved never lock,. I remember having a few versions to try on my games, all depending on what version of said game I had would work with whatever never lock version

@kyle Apple tech support scams now? I remember "Microsoft Support" calling me to tell me there was problems with my windows system that I never had, wouldn't believe me I was running Linux

and start preparing for twitter too

@purism patiently awaiting my librem 5 the. Saving for a librem server. I love the idea of a server with pureboot running it, then to build my nextcloud and own matrix and mastodon servers on top of it for friends and family. A pretty busy 2020.

@todd are you going to incorporate SIP into the dialer. I use VoIP.ms and would be great to be able to put my credentials in the default dialer instead of using another program.

@lunduke in all sincerity good luck with that. I'm trying something similar.. No WiFi in the home, only devices with Ethernet can go online. I want to eliminate the addictiveness of my family being glued to their phones.. Or maybe just adjusting the WiFi so it doesn't broadcast very far.

@purism do you have anything in the works for a larger unit with space for more than 4 X 3.5 inch drives. I love the idea of a server being powered by coreboot

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