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I suppose I should post an .

I am and to microblogging in general. I'm not sure I actually understand the attraction, but the technologies of the are fascinating.

I am a , a , and a long-time fan.

I used to be big into , but life makes it harder to keep up with that habit. is probably better for me anyway.

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"Broot -- A new way to see and navigate directory trees"

It feels much faster and more "modern" than the good old `ncdu`. 😉

#broot #tool #tui #rust #fileBrowser #floss #preview

Trying out a new AFK hobby: Warhammer 40k miniature painting.

Not bad for first models, if I do say so myself.

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Really, asking "what should replace Facebook" is putting things the wrong way around.

A more interesting way to ask the question is, "what did Facebook replace."

People used to build their own websites. People used to have blogs. People used USENET which was truly distributed and un-censorable.

Facebook and Google took the open internet and open standards and monetized and made everything crappy. Enough of that. Nothing should replace Facebook, it's done, stick a fork in it.

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Living Like It's 99: No Social Media, No Smartphone -


A very good read, and also, a very hardcore approach about getting out of the digital life.
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New derivation:
A Pepper&Carrot RPG-themed idle video-game by Congusbongus and StarNavigator, free/libre and open-source (won second place at MiniJam22). 👍
Open culture FTW! 😎
→ Blog-post with link to play:

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Indeed: from a great article about Wikipedia at 20:

"Wikipedia shouldn’t really work, but it does. It shouldn’t be able to survive in a hyper-capitalist commercial world, but people keep donating to it. Its model is unique and bizarre – a relic of a more open, idealistic 1990s techno utopianism, but it may still outlast even the biggest corporate tech giants."

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"Why I still use RSS...I firmly believe the Internet, and what it stood for, peaked with RSS....Having only the content I want to see only be shown when I want to see it with the freedom to jump between readers as I please, all with no ads? For me, no other service comes close to the flexibility, robustness, and overall ease-of-use that RSS offers."

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“Why the Indieweb? …This is the story of the birth of the web, its loss of innocence, its decline, and what we can do to make it a bit less gross.” -

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Looking to migrate away from Google but still looking for free/affordable replacements without the hassle of hosting them yourself?

There are many choices, take your pick:)

Feel free to add to this list if I've missed any good ones:)


#framasoft #disroot #nextcloud #email #foss #trom #gafam #fuckgoogle

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@lionirdeadman I concur, and use Migadu too.

Regarding PGP, sharing keys is pretty seamless once you set it up. WKD makes sharing keys from your own site/email domain really easy, without relying on any keyserver; since my email is, PGP programs like GnuPG simply download my public key from When I open a signed/encrypted email for the first time in my mail client (Neomutt), GnuPG automatically fetches keys via WKD, DNS, DANE, and a list of keyservers so I hardly have to lift a finger.

It also helps to expose a public key with IndieWeb microformats2 for better discoverability.
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