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I suppose I should post an .

I am and to microblogging in general. I'm not sure I actually understand the attraction, but the technologies of the are fascinating.

I am a , a , and a long-time fan.

I used to be big into , but life makes it harder to keep up with that habit. is probably better for me anyway.

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Some crazy talk about how you might give-up your laptop and stop thinking about phones as phones:

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Scientists find cheaper way to make hydrogen energy out of water

Hydrogen-powered cars may soon become more than just a novelty after a UNSW-led team of scientists demonstrated a much cheaper and sustainable way to create the hydrogen required to power them.

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A brand new ThinkPrivacy is now live! OMG I have been working on this for so long and I am so happy to have it up.

Hopefully I got all the bugs and or typos, but if you see one, let me know!

SIte update: My Semantic IndieWeb Theme currently being used for the site has been updated to provide a more responsive design. On landscape tablet or wider screens, the author card now displays in a column on the right side of the screen. On smaller devices, such as ones phone, the author card will continue to render at the end of the page.

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I've meaning to write a post on setting up mail on a custom domain for a while. I finally got around to it this evening.

I personally use #Zoho for my email, so this post uses Zoho as an example.

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"One small way to get our independence and agency back from exploitative platforms is to build personal websites to share on instead. It’s a step to taking back control, and building a web that neither relies upon, nor feeds, the harms of Big Tech."

Great post by @laura

While waiting at the local Panera Bread shop for my lunch order, I noticed a fellow patron who was wearing a Miskatonic Observatory t-shirt. It made my day.

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Take a moment to consider the profound impact each of us has in the fediverse.

The fact we can communicate across the world using open source technology is pretty amazing.

We also have a responsibility, as developers, to ensure platform privacy and safety are legitimate priorities and not just buzzwords used in marketing.

We can do it better than Silicon Valley if we step outside our bubbles and listen to the people. The fediverse depends on it!

Inspired by the many blog sites out there that display a series of icons linking to the site author's other sites and social media profiles, I set out to add the same to my site.

tl;dr : For my use-case, using WebFonts for the icons made more sense than trying to use the SVG files directly.

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RT @jeffpaul
Facebook thinks you're worth $158, why not spend LESS than that and have your own website and #OwnYourContent? #IndieWeb #AntiSocialMedia

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Step away, look at alternatives that respect you as a person ( is a great place to start) and learn about the issues, by is a great place to start on the latter.

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“How did I become a good developer? The only answer is you have to build things.”

We had a chat with @SaraSoueidan, an award-winning front-end developer, author and speaker from Lebanon.

Apparently, LinkedIn doesn't actually support rel="me" links back to ones personal website(s).

How very disappointing. 😞

With the update of the site to use my new (work-in-progress) theme with support, I have now completed both Level 1 checkpoints from IndieWebify.Me:

- Get your own domain name
- Set up Web Sign In

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Happy to see that @sir's is now the top search result for "plaintext email"!

(At least on :duckduckgo:. It probably varies more on Google)

(and special shoutout to the graphic by Fosstodon's own @ohyran :) )

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I wrote about my experience at Disneyland, and how my avoidance of proprietary software highlighted the inequities that are being designed into technology in all corners of our society.

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Did you know, you can narrow down the suggestions from the firefox address bar using the following characters :

^ to search for matches in your browsing history. * to search for matches in your bookmarks. + to search for matches in pages you’ve tagged. % to search for matches in your currently open tabs. # to search for matches in page titles. $ to search for matches in web addresses (URLs). ? to search for matches in suggestions.

I just pushed up tag v0.1.5 of my Basic Hugo Theme.

This is the first version that I'm semi-officially announcing. I think it has all of the building blocks that I intended to use in a very basic theme, and the theme documentation is more-or-less complete.

I suppose I should go ahead and call it version 1.0, but I'll wait to see if any more flaws in it shake out from using it as the theme for my Personal Siite.

I think I need to rename my recently launched website. @torproject already uses the tag line of "Take back the internet", so it doesn't seem right for me to use the same one.

I'm not trying to take back the whole internet, anyway. Just my little corner of it.

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