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Miss Sparky? Will the pub be selling commemorative mugs for the virus too?

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5) "Give us a few more weeks (maybe months) and we will be doing much better! And stop listening to the hysterical media!!We have wonderful country and an amazing God.I know we will be okay; Bravo Americans!!

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‪Proverbs 25:21-22 (#NASB)‬

‪21 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat;‬
‪And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink;‬

‪22 For you will heap burning coals on his head,‬
‪And the #LORD will reward you.‬

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Hey @FreeTube I just discovered . Thank you for great software. I am using it now and idk how come you have not been blocked about your work, but I love it 😀. I did noticed that you have a patron acc. Money will be going your way. btw, I tried to do the liberapay, it seems not to work for me 😓. but any how, thanks again for your work. Using this on my Linux Mint Box. ✌️

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Gamestop protecting their ego by pretending anybody finds them essential for anything other than copies of Battletoads

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I found this on about aka . This reminds me all the problems we have at Walmart.

I hope you like it.

@RedPillPhilosophy Lol, 😂 I am listening to you on right now. 😂 I can't believe you said: we can assume is running the show. lol. Too funny. BTW, thank you for posting to lbry. Like you, I am glad to know that the president came out and said something about this craziness. 😂 ✌️

is there any reason why now do not have direct access to certain profiles in ? Is that a Gab issue or a Mastodon one. I do have noticed that I do have access to certain Gab profiles. Any thoughts about that?

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#Christian #news

Pioneering Christian journalist passes to his reward - Assist News

>Dan Wooding, the former British tabloid writer who became a groundbreaking missionary journalist and advocate for the suffering church, passed to his reward on March 18th. He was 79.

Good Morning world, Happy Sabbath, for those who are Sabbath Keeper. I know things are tough right now with all the Changes taking place.

Remember, is coming soon. Be ready, read your , Test Every , and please among all else Believe in as the . I'd like to meet you in heaven. If you agree or disagree with me on anything I said, please pray for me. I need your prayers. ✌️ 👍 👊 😃

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Cities locked down
California Governor issues Statewide Stay at Home Order
Los Angeles is on lockdown as of midnight March 19, 2020
Rumors Washington state wide lock down may come this weekend, then NY and Texas.
You do NOT want to be inside a major city when we go into lockdown.

Near Total Shutdown in PA, Lori Colley

2,050 National Guard in 27 states activated

#MartialLaw - I think this is just short - barely
#WashingtonState #Pa #Texas #NewYork

Good Morning world, how is everyone doing with declared in today?

@zudn quick question. I visit your home page, but I cannot make any sense out of it. What type of service is Is it a instance, cause I have never seen a web interface like that. Or is it ? Maybe , either way, I am not familiar with it, can you show me some light about the subject?


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