What do folks use for managing dotfiles these days?

I've used git+stow for years, but it's kinda painful if some systems need their own dotfiles while still sharing some with other systems. So I'm looking to find something better that can handle that situation.

The internets show there are almost as many dotfile managing things as there are static site generators...

@craftyguy git repo checked out in a subfolder like ~/.dotfiles + custom script to create/update the right symlinks? That's what I'm working towards. I tried making the home folder itself the git repo (as explained in drewdevault.com/2019/12/30/dot for example) but it doesn't really work because ~/.gitignore is picked up by every other git repo anywhere under ~/

@kevinguillaumond Hmm, I actually started playing around with this a few minutes ago, and repos in subdirectories under ~/ don't use ~/.gitignore. Are you sure your global .gitconfig isn't set to use ~/.gitignore for all repos?


@craftyguy !!! good point. I'll double-check that; maybe I gave up too early there.

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