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🚀 CryptPad 5.0 is now available on GitHub

💅 We have refreshed the user interface with: 🧘‍♂️ simplified design, 🎈 rounded corners, 🎨🌜 improved dark mode colors

We have a deal on the common charger! 🇪🇺

This means more savings for EU consumers and less waste for the planet:

🔌 mobile phones, tablets, cameras… will all use USB type C
🔌 harmonised fast-charging technology
🔌 unbundling of sale of chargers

#SingleMarket #DigitalEU

I don't want tech to be "magic". I want it to be transparent and understood.

#PeerTube v4.2 is out! 😍😍😍
▪ editing videos from the web interface
▪ detailed viewers stats for videos
▪ ability to adjust latency during a live broadcast
▪ saving each permanent/recurring live streaming session as a replay on a new url
▪ edit video subtitles directly from the web interface
Discover improvements and new features of this latest version on

Weekly #LinuxPhone Update (22/2022): A new, quite different Linux Phone and GNOME Shell for Mobile

Multiple #Librem5 usage reports, a glimpse at #SailfishOS on the Sony XPERIA 10 III, booting #Linux on older iOS devices and more!
#PinePhone #PinePhonePro

I started out by making ink drawings - especially cat portraits, as gifts or commissions. This one shows one of the cats I'm taking care of right now, in his usual sleeping position, among the catnip :) ❤️

However, the cat amount in my family is growing so fast, I'm already 8 cats behind with my drawings!

As you can see, this one is from 2013, and I was really into Art Nouveau back then 😅 🔥.

#caturday #drawing #ink #cat #art

@dylanvanassche I have signed this letter too. Shipping unfinished work gives upstream a bad reputation, makes support a big hassle and disincentivizes developers to work in public.

📢 📢 📢 Today we publish an Open Letter from developers to the #Linux #community regarding shipping unfinished patches to users.

Shipping unfinished patches harms the user experience and slows down the review process in #FOSS projects to improve the patches.

You can read our Open Letter at:

If you agree with this letter, you can support it by signing it, see:

#donotship #openletter #community #mobile #development #userexperience #opensource #PSA

An open letter from developers to #Linux distro maintainers and the wider community on publishing unfinished, work in progress patches to end-users.

Read it here:

#donotship #linuxmobile #opensource

While I understand that you're excited about new features and bug fixes you should hold your horses and wait until upstream deems their software ready (by issuing a release).

Read the open letter here:

#donotship #mobile #mobilelinux #foss

If you're having trouble with your Gmail account in Thunderbird today, it might be due to Google now requiring OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Thunderbird SHOULD transition your account automatically, but if you're not able to connect, try going into your Gmail Account's Server Settings and manually changing "Authentication Method" to OAuth2 (it should NOT be "Normal.")

More information about this change can be found here:

Signing Sessions/Dédicaces: Agenda 2022
Many dates! I hope I'll meet a lot of Pepper&Carrot readers. More details in the blog-post:

Gajim 1.4.3 has been released 🚀

Gajim 1.4.3 comes with some exciting news: Native emoji rendering on Windows! Want to customize your workspaces? Why not use emojis as well? As always, lots of bugs have been fixed in this release.

#chat #xmpp #foss

Someone in chat challenged me to write a parody based on swiping the "all night long". Challenge accepted:

It was an phosh machine, it kept my data clean
It was the best Deb smartphone that I ever seen
It had M.2 Redpine, givin' me WiFis
Knockin' it out with a switch on the side
Using all free software, so the code could be shared
I wanted to GNOME, and it was already there
Cause the phone start shaking, suspend was waking
The call was taken, and devs were making it

And you, swiped it all night long
Yeah you, swiped it all night long.

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phosh 0.20.0~beta1 is out 🚀📱 :

Couple of days late due to Reunion in HH but here we go:

* swipe gestures on top and bottom bar
* quick settings and top bar on lock screen
* Revamp settings menu
* Lots of detail fixes

It's a beta since we want to put some final touches on gestures and top-bar to not regress (see

Check out the full release notes for details.


Calls v43.alpha.1 has been released 🚀
It's actually a couple of days old already, but I got distracted by all the nice people I met at #debianreunion \o/

Anyway this is the first release with support for SRTP!

#gnomeonmobile #librem5 #calls #sip #phosh #gnome #mobile #gnu #linux @purism

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