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what do you do when cryptobro libertarianism tries to quantify human connection in an online community

The ideal monitor for my laptop would be the iMac without the Mac part, but Apple does not sell that.

No one else seems to sell that either—display, built-in webcam, speakers, a few USB ports, and a single Thunderbolt cable providing connectivity and power to my laptop.


“Tomorrow is a brand new day that’s never been touched.” —Modern Love S1E1

Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States—including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. —CDC

What’s the tapping technique for when you’re anxious in an airport, wearing a mask, and can’t touch your face?

It’s ok to have favorites, but keep tasting new things.

Nothing makes me more afraid of children than when they sneeze around me.

Hi, I’m Jeremiah. I was a parentified child and I have illness anxiety.

2021-07-30 /now page update

👋 I left InVision
💉 I got vaccinated
🎆 I celebrated July 4th with a sibling and nibling reunion
😎 Summer in Stockholm is 💯

I am visiting Split, Hrvatska [Croatia] next week. What should I do? 🇭🇷

I question if we should allow space tourism at all at this point in history.

At a minimum we should demand that the CO2e emissions are captured before each trip.

Those companies should be net zero and not by planting trees, by direct air capture using technology.

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There are stars exploding and there’s nothing you can do.

I can never remember if surname is my first or last name.

Flying back to Stockhome after 3 wonderful weeks in Texas. A vaccination, a family reunion, daily Wave Runner rides on the lake, a road trip, an unexpected SF guest, and so many new memories. My heart is full.

If my primary use case for sending email from my website is a contact form that just emails me, is there a good reason to not simply use my email provider’s SMTP instead of SendGrid?

Something I noticed with my 6 niblings this weekend: literally every toy can/will be weaponized.

I witnessed magic spells, cops & robbers, space wars, shark attacks.

Why is this? Do kids feel so powerless that they must find some way to exert control, even if imaginary?

The planet is on fucking fire and people are still eating meat daily and having more than 2 biological children like it’s no big deal.

@okpierre I know some won't agree, but I think the Fedi needs more monetization. I'm not talking VC funding or anything, but just creative ways for projects to monetize so that they can be sustained. So that developers and maintainers can develop expertise in the technology, and do this as more than a hobby. I mean nothing wrong with people contributing as a hobby. But being able to dedicate more time would allow more great things to be created in the Fediverse.

What is the best Flash-like authoring app for making (I assume) SVG or HTML canvas animations these days?

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