I was checking my profile for other reasons and noticed that I'm hovering just 15 followers shy of 20,000. Eeeek! 😱 Yes, I know it *says* "20K" but Mastodon started rounding up to that weeks ago. 🤷‍♀️

First, I'm humbled that so many people follow me to get a curated feed of the Fediverse. Thank you! 🥰

Second, being OCD, I'm kinda annoyed that I'm not quite at that big round number. 🤣

So, do a sick-at-home lady a favor and see if you can improve her mental health. Love you all, Lisa. 💖

My mom works at The Schulz museum, they had a very big day for the 50th anniversary of the special. I asked her about Woodstock eating turkey. They don’t talk about it but she just sent me this.

1.Mafalda: Look, this is a world, you see?
2. Mafalda: Do you know why this world is beautiful?
3. Mafalda: Because it's a model. The original is a mess.

No, this was wrote in the 60s, no today.

Another classic, incisive post from @mmasnick Re: Elon’s supposed thermonuclear lawsuit against Media Matters:

“So… within the span of about 2 to 3 pages we are told that Elon Musk and exTwitter are passionate supporters of free speech that allow “all viewpoints” to be shared and that Musk is filing this lawsuit to force Media Matters to take down speech that he admits is absolutely true, but where he doesn’t like how they portrayed things.”


You need to report results from your R analyeses in Word or powerpoint? Your organisation requires the use of very speccific formating? The packages in the officeverse might be of help: ardata-fr.github.io/officevers

My new favorite thing I've encountered on Wikipedia- the notice to discourage everyone from adding their cat pictures to the cat article, at risk of being immediately reverted

🍁 Artist: #DavidZinn in City: #AnnArbor MI, USA 🇺🇸 2023 - Title:
🔴 "Kyle is hoping to find an
audience with his new 12-part
series about chromatophores. 🐙
🟡 "Kyle hofft, mit seiner neuen
12-teiligen Serie über
Chromatophoren ein Publikum
zu finden.
#StreetArt #Art #Chalkart #Octopus #Podcast #Science #UrbanArt #Cephalopodcaster 🐙

I know the odds are low, but the fediverse has come through for me in amazing and unexpected ways before.

For those who don't know me, I'm a 29-year-old support engineer and FOSS enthusiast, who is currently in kidney failure.

If you live in North Carolina or can travel to Duke Hospital, and would be willing to consider donating your kidney, please call 1-800-249-5864 and let them know you want to inquire about donating to Timothy Dyer (my legal name).

Thank you! (Boosts appreciated)

Join us for a meta-replication! Replicators are paid EUR 2,500 to conduct a robustness replication in development economics. Plus co-authorship on a meta-paper and lead authorship on replication report. Apply until Nov 26! #econtwitter bit.ly/49fjHfb

What is The Document Foundation, the non-profit entity behind @libreoffice? This video (from our recent conference) explains all: peertube.opencloud.lu/w/2Bu5bF #foss #OpenSource

Today is Election Day in Virginia. Please vote.🗳️

i before e

Except when your foreign neighbour Keith received eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters.



Today we drove to Bellevue, MI to witness the annual fall migration of thousands of Sandhill Cranes. Turn on your sound to listen to their calls, which can be heard up to 2.5 miles away.

These magnificent #birds nearly disappeared a century ago due to overhunting, but populations rebounded & are now stable in MI.

Sandhill Cranes are among the oldest living birds on Earth with a wingspan of up to 6 ft. Aldo Leopold described them as "nobility, won in the march of eons."

Excellent story on how HBO execs used an army of secret fake accounts on Twitter to harass TV critics who gave poor reviews to their shows

It shows why people shouldn't just write off anonymous comments online as just "trolls" — some of them are coordinated campaigns by extremely powerful people with an axe to grind.

Will you marry me - Proposal
Will, You, Mary, Me -foursome request
Will, you marry me - Timetravler spoiling the future
Will you, Mary me - Cavewoman Introducing herself

Punctuation, it's THAT important!

Tonight in 1971 — Beulah Bondi (age 82) guest starred on THE JIMMY STEWART SHOW on NBC.

She played Jimmy’s mother for the fifth (and final) time in 33-year span (including IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE).

#TCMParty #OldHollywood #FilmMastodon

No Halloween plans? Watch the 1968 indie horror film Night of the Living Dead, conveniently available on the main page of English Wikipedia today!

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