Mozilla is working on bringing Firefox 🦊 to iOS 🥂

Real Firefox with Gecko 🦎!

Apple's over a decade long ban on competitive third party browsers has almost certainly cost Firefox significant market share and 100s of millions in lost revenue.

Holy shit, it works! I am officially a full-time #ProfessionalMaintainer ✨🧑‍💻💼

That means I spend most of my time on #OpenSource maintenance, and I offer retainers to companies that benefit from my work and from access to me.

I now have six amazing clients: Glasklar Teknik AB, Protocol Labs, Latacora, the Interchain Foundation, Smallstep, and @tailscale.

I am excited and relieved to announce this, and wrote up a bunch of details on how I got here and where it's going.

Pantheon Desktop (from the @elementary team) is a master piece on #NixOS 🤌🧑‍🍳

If I'm switching distros, I might as well go all in. I'm switching to Pantheon too 😲 Excellent work @danirabbit 💖️

The trackpad gestures are sublime. The hardware/peripheral configuration is on point. I can tweak the keyboard shortcuts to suit my muscle memory. Outstanding job by the #Nix :nixos: contributors who pulled all this together ⭐️

@grahamc The notification settings might be what you're looking for 👍

Yet another team at work getting totally f'd by "modern frontend" has caused me to write down why I've been *intensely* frustrated with the clearly broken market for web technology over our long lost decade:

Thanks to @brucelawson, @heydon, Taylor Hunt, @andy, and @phae for spotting errors in drafts.

It's a weird feeling to have a lot of followers that follow you due to your association with a project.

Maybe it's the alcohol, but i want y'all to know i'm a human bean too.

Why you think gargron barely post, haha we boring af but our projects aren't 😎

All this business about Stata allowing you to make tables of your estimates is nonsense. Nobody should be showing anyone their estimates, because they are ESTIMATES.

Come back to me when you have truth, then we'll put it in a table.

New report from NTIA says the current mobile app store model is harmful to consumers and developers and recommends policy changes to fix it.

Forward thinking and designed for real life with an improved sideloading and alt store experience, power profiles management, and using a next generation UI toolkit. OS 7 Helps you get the apps you need, Empowers you with new features and settings, and evolves our developer platform. Download it now for a pay-what-you-can price!

Got lots of setting up to do now with the release of #elementaryOS 7.

The whole family uses it, including our kids - it's so great to have a focused, polished Linux distro for them to do their homework, watch their streams and invite us parents to their Stardew Valley farm every now and then.

Thanks @danirabbit and everyone involved!

I never appreciated #WhiteStripes Seven Nation Army until this Postmodern Jukebox arrangement came along — the New Orleans dirge style is a fantastic groove for this, plus Haley Reinhart doing this is like a master class in… EVERYTHING — she’s so amazing here!


I'm very much enjoying my upgraded iPod Classic now that I've fixed it (again!) but also want to give a shoutout to #Auxio.

I listen to music everywhere, including at the gym where I use my Android phone. At 4.7MB Auxio is the epitome of a small, useful, beautifully put-together FLOSS music app. Love it.

News breaks, we podcast. Nate Persily, @alex and I sat down to chat about Meta's Trump account reinstatement. Nate is pragmatic, Alex is cynical, and I'm a naive little formalist.

(I also misuse "beg the question" -- please forgive me!!)

#PolComm folks: We're #hiring at U of Wisconsin-Madison! Please share.

We're looking for a research administrative manager to help us with an #NSF #grant on detecting misinformation & successful interventions, for both research and public-facing service. 2-year position. Emphasis on grant admin.

Pinky and The Brain were based on two producers at warner bros animation and i cant get over how they really just drew these guys as mice without changing anything else

I made a graph of all my past relationships.

It has an ex axis and a why axis.

I feel bad when I go to delete an app from my iPhone because they all start shaking with fear wondering which one is about to die.

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