Inside the Risky U.S. Probe of Allegations That Drug Mafias Financed a Campaign of Mexico’s President López Obrador
Documents obtained by ProPublica show how the DEA risked a #political furor to try to penetrate López Obrador’s campaign.

The 2010 probe found no proof of his involvement in cartel donations before it was shut down.

#Mexico #Crime #Politics #Elections #Drugs #Government #AMLO #News

“CyberInsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly

How the Dominance of Microsoft's Products Poses a Risk to Security“.

Dan Geer was fired for highlighting this issue, but it remains a significant concern.

But it just doesn't make any sense they said; it's a useless old relic they said; you should simply switch to our centrally-managed solution fully protected by CrowdStrike they said

Sue Mi Terry, wife of WaPo columnist Max Boot, has been charged with acting as an agent of South Korea; the indictment cites a WaPo column she wrote with Boot (Washington Post)

An investigation by India’s antitrust body has found that Apple exploited its dominant position in the market for app stores on its iOS operating system, engaging “in abusive conduct and practices”, a confidential report seen by Reuters showed.

🚀 Our first interview with Mat, our Contributors Leader, is live! Get exclusive insights into the journey, challenges, and innovations of Vanilla OS 2 Orchid. Stay tuned for the upcoming release!

#Linux #OpenSource #VanillaOS #VanillaOS2 #Dev #Interview

if you're a data 'anything' and wonder "why is R still a thing?" maybe this answer I wrote on Reddit will help #RStats #pydata #datascience

I can't find any reviews of the Starlite 5 - the new linux tablet from Starlabs. Anyone can point me to a good review? Or anyone have one and have thoughts to share? @thelinuxEXP ?

A couple of years ago, a man in his 70s looked at my bike skeptically. "Why do your ride it?" he asked.
When I said "saves money," "doesn't pollute," he scoffed.
But he agreed when he said it was good for my health. I forgot to tell him the real reason: Joy.


Supreme Court rules 6-3 that bribery is a conceptual impossibility, state administrative capacity is illegal, and it is henceforth the only branch of government. But don’t worry, they’re all good friends who take themselves very seriously.

🌟 Support Pixelfed! 🌟

We're building a federated, open-source photo sharing platform, and we need your help! Your donations help us cover the costs of running our servers, domains and associated services.

Your support also funds,, and

Every contribution counts. Thank you! 💜


#Pixelfed #Fediverse

Interesting new entry into the smartphone-that-runs-desktop-Linux market. This one in particular appears to run Debian Trixie and uses Phosh as its desktop shell.

#LinuxPhone #phosh #debian

The fact that Microsoft Teams 🤮 contains a feature called "Teams" where actual teams can create a Team, and at Microsoft the teams working on that feature probably have a Team to discuss the Teams feature, suggests that there exists a Microsoft Microsoft Teams Teams Teams' Microsoft Teams Team.

This train platform in #Japan's Yamaguchi Prefecture has no ticket booth, no entrance or exit.

Why does it exist?


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