Is activitypub and the fediverse we know today slowly dying?

It seems more people are losing interest, instance are shutting down and more accounts are abandoned.


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@okpierre I know some won't agree, but I think the Fedi needs more monetization. I'm not talking VC funding or anything, but just creative ways for projects to monetize so that they can be sustained. So that developers and maintainers can develop expertise in the technology, and do this as more than a hobby. I mean nothing wrong with people contributing as a hobby. But being able to dedicate more time would allow more great things to be created in the Fediverse.

@mpanhans @okpierre

I agree with you on that. Not just funding for individual federated projects, where @NGIZero is doing great work, but funding for people to strengthen the community of technologists and fedizens that help evolve the #fediverse foundations.

After #activitypub became W3C standard, and productized by Mastodon, things mostly stalled. We are grassroots and unfortunately mostly individualists.

Can only say to everyone: Join #SocialHub and be active.

@mpanhans @okpierre

This is why I really urge everyone to reply to the EU when they ask what we **need** / **want** :

Cause EU can then fund what will make the Interop requirements in the DSA !

Personally took VC from EU largest publishing house (my eldest client) now –
but tried 3 years (!) to apply for EU funding for redaktor (ActivityPub) w. 8 people.

However: Now the new funding schemes are announced (yay) …



@mpanhans @okpierre @humanetech

… and think, we should demand something from 1.22 billions which are distributed soon.
And so; Next week is the last plenary week before summer break.
It is the week where usually the GAFAM mafia is making dirty deals in Strasbourg and Brussels to get the millions.

Unfortunately there is nearly no reaction to the recent Brussels development.
Except from Facebook, google, twitter, Amazon.
Don't let them win.


@mpanhans @humanetech Monetization and funding is needed but it has to be done right. It's also a cash grab.

Funding should be tied to fixes and stability of projects. No one wants buggy software or features that don't work.

@mpanhans @okpierre I would love to see the fediverse adopt the proposed W3 standard Web Monetization.

Associate a payment pointer with each post. Fediverse clients select the payment pointer of the most focused on post to get paid for the time it is in focus or use the iframe method for multiple concurrent payments.

Seems like a good candidate for a grant from

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