check out the latest episode with everyones favorite community manager @cybette congrats was such a great episode great listen


@cybette and also you have to teach me how to play the carboard piano hehehe

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thanks for listening! and haha sure I could do a tutorial on playing cardboard piano 😂 😂

@cybette welcome i too was into all that stuff nokia was way ahead of its time with video calls etc etc just as you said my fav devices were the maemo devices and the top of my list my fav all time phone was the nokia n900 the ultimate geek device of all time


oh yes the N900! I didn't have one when it first came out, but eventually got one years later (after having used N9/N950 for a while). So while I didn't use it extensively, I'd still play with it from time to time coz it's just the ultimate geek device like you said :)

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