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ICYMI, my latest video is all about the GNOME app developer's open letter to the community.

@gbryant i also see and understand their point but think they should instead take a more collaborative approach instead of telling people to "stop doing xyz"

i think this could be something gnome/theme creators/app devs could come together for and develop some standards?


:thinkhappy: your video production has been way better and noticeable since few months.


welcome 🙂
you are the one of the very first vlogger i regularly watched after joining Linux and FOSS. 👍

@gbryant I appreciate how clear you were about your stance on the topic as well as the nature of what the issue is. It's funny to me, in all the videos of yours I've watched, the few where I've read the comments, about half of the people accuse you of saying things you never said.

@springbov omg thank you! Yeah. When it comes to my channel, some people only hear what they want to hear. That's why I've recently been trying to explain myself more.

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