@gbryant Naah, pantheon desktop is the best. Gnome still has some issues which needs to fix. Not to mention, their horrible shell design.

@misslav @gbryant Very stanle desktop with unix mac os layout. Cinnamon is windows style layout. Both are gtk desktops.

Here is a screenshot of experimental pantheon running on Fedora:

Oh nice now I know what to set up for someone who uses Mac

@akarshanbiswas @gbryant
my cinnamon set up isnt really like windows anymore
i mainly just have it like this for the settings menu

To me, all the hate on Gnome reminds me (almost verbatim) of the hate the Unity desktop received (which is funny now considering the up in arms attitude when it was being killed off despite the massive number against it being a DE back in the day). While I sometimes disagree with what I feel are boneheaded moves by the Gnome development team, I still use it and will continue to until they either do something majorly screwy or I find something I like better (they're all on par for me).

@gbryant I have tried many desktop environments.
I like that most things work out of the box with GNOME. Examples: Wacom tablets lock to a single monitor. Fullscreen games always open on primary monitor consistently. Screen rotation and touchscreen works perfectly out of the box on laptops with accelerometer. If I plug a monitor and keyboard into a laptop with lid closed and it will use the monitor. These are just a few things that "just work" that I have had trouble with using other desktops.

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