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For me, gave the clearest ethical explanation of , starting with "I don't think any society can call an individual irresponsible who breaks the law and willingly accepts the penalty if conscience tells him that that law is unjust." Listen to the whole thing:

are demonstrating this right now.

“Imagine if you use a phone for twice as long…that means you only have to produce half the amount of phones and you have half the amount of waste”. 🌍 💚 #Fairphone Founder,, spoke to the team at

EU countries are stepping up the fight for digital sovereignty for their citizens, in their schools, and in government.

See how France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany do this in our blog!

“It’s a cruel jest to say that a bootless man he ought to lift himself up.”

—Dr. King, 1967

There is a certain "warrior culture" of coding, where young devs spend long hours deeply focused on creating "epic" software, and coders age out rapidly. This has upsides and downsides. There are other cultures of coding too, but this warrior culture created large swathes of computing as we know it, and the culture is still embedded. and are examples. Bill Gates hasn't contributed code to Windows since 1985. shows a different culture, the old are still contributing code

Starting 2023, four universities are pausing or ending their Elsevier subscription due to exorbitant pricing.

Elsevier's subscription was costing them ~10% of their Libraries' entire budget.

"Elsevier’s prices have increased each year and have outpaced inflation"...this is despite Elsevier having the highest profit margins of virtually any other industry or publisher.

Figure via @MatteoCarandini
#OpenScience #AcademicPublishing #Science @academicchatter

I'm sad to say that my new still needs non-free firmware blobs for working WiFi, Bluetooth, audio, and power management. Now will include those in the installer. Are we losing this fight? At least the graphics driver is and included in upstream Linux, that is progress. I specifically avoided for that purpose.

How are others feeling on the firmware blob fight?

Everything was clearly better in the past, we can't even get toothpaste anymore!

One effect of the is that it gives the etc a case to use to rehabilitate the idea they focus on: that military power is a force of good. provided a template for to follow. This is really not discussed enough because people want to support Ukraine in this difficult time, but it must always be part of any discussion of providing military support. Kudos to for running this political cartoon linking these.

If a major platform exploiting extensive personal data on most Europeans without a GDPR legal basis does not result in a max fine, then what does?

Processing orders are powerful too, I know. But almost 5 years into the GDPR we really should have seen multiple massive 4% fines.

What makes a program secure? 🤔

It has to be audited, checked, and corrected. Free Software allows more people to audit. More people are allowed to read the code and discover vulnerabilities.

Ultimately #FreeSoftware creates a culture where people are ready to answer to criticism on systems and software. However there is Free Software that is not audited too so its security is not confirmed. (2/3)

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People from all over Europe want the right to install any software on any device! New signatures to our open letter:

🇮🇹 Italy

Wikimedia Italia @wikimediaitalia

LinuxTrent @linuxtrent

🇩🇪 Germany

Do-FOSS @do_foss

Werkkooperative der TechnikfreundInnen @HackerGeno@chaos.socia

🇪🇸 Spain

Pangea @pangea_org

🇳🇱 Netherlands

Open Nederland @opennl

🇫🇷 France

Fédération des Fournisseurs d'Accès Internet Associatifs @ffdn_channel

Sign now!

#righttorepair #UpcyclingAndroid #freesoftware

"Medium has pivoted so many times it has now come full circle"

"Medium Pivots Again, Offers Voluntary Buyouts to Editorial Staff"

So I mean feel free to hop on that scorpion's back! You might have an awesome trip across the river and everyone will be super chill and friendly forever. But maybe check out the history before you hype up their new Mastodon experiment and keep your eye on the exits.


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Super cool: you can now use Tor bridges inside of Brave's Browse with Tor tab. This helps potentially millions more folks circumvent network-level censorship easily!

@ljacomet I just saw your slides for your talk "Protecting your organization
against attacks via the
build system", a great overview! I'm a dev who has worked on packaging . We'd love to make it as close to your version as possible. There is a proprietary build dependency that blocks that from happening.

#Mastodon is hiring!

› Remote-only
› Full-time

Looking for:

› DevOps Engineer
› Product Designer

It could be you! Apply now:

This is the year, folks. I know some of y’all are already there.

Surveillance footage of Tesla crash in San Francisco’s Bay Bridge hours after Elon Musk announced “self-driving” feature

Phil Ting's #FreedomToWalk Act is now law in California. You can cross the street anywhere as long as you're not creating a hazard.

#Jaywalking, the fake "crime" created by automobile industry lobbying to blame victims of #TrafficViolence, no longer exists in California.

Enjoy your freedom to walk!

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