I'm sad to say that my new still needs non-free firmware blobs for working WiFi, Bluetooth, audio, and power management. Now will include those in the installer. Are we losing this fight? At least the graphics driver is and included in upstream Linux, that is progress. I specifically avoided for that purpose.

How are others feeling on the firmware blob fight?

@eighthave I hope that a lot of firmware will get open source just out of the legal requirement to provide multi-year updates. We will see how that will work out...

@Werhaus Yeah I think that is a great idea for regulation that can really provide a lot of benefits.

@eighthave I am hoping very much, that we can have free hardware from Purism and others at some point. Years ago I bought an X200 from the fantastic minifree shop. A really nice little machine. I found, that I can use that quite well for some programming and when I travel anywhere. It is a bit heavy for many people probably. But it is worth its weight in my opinion. I am worried about what to buy, if Purism or any others do not deliver and we run out of those old machines.

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