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public protest in Russia in the face of aggressive, armored police and guaranteed jail time

I gotta say, I'm now feeling like the tables have really turned. The sanctions response it shaping up to be quite strong. As someone who witnessed the Sept 11 attacks with my own eyes and lived and worked in the smoke of the wreckage, I now can only wonder: where were these sanctions when the US and UK started the illegal and destructive ?

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There is lots of talk of military support for , there needs to be much more coverage of the extraordinary acts of non-violent resistance to the Russian occupation. We must work to support strategic non-violence as least as much as military defence

" keep open the possibility of an offer of Nato membership [to Ukraine] that Nato has no intention of ever honouring, and asking Ukrainians to die for this fiction, is worse than hypocritical"

User accounts are so often a method of tracking users, yet they are not a requirement for running most internet services. all provide shining examples of working without accounts.

@haskal I also love he went on a long rant about fdroid signing keys, meaning they could technically change the apps. And then he goes on to say:
"As for apps concerned by Play App Signing, while Google could technically introduce their own code like Amazon, they wouldn’t do that without telling about it since this will be easily noticeable by the developer and more globally researchers."
So you can't trust fdroid to not secretly change apps, but you can trust Google with this power?

f-droid's de facto complete lack of any sort of malware is literally more important than any theoretical concern imo

is it possible to sneak malware in if you really tried? yes

is there malware? no absolutely not

you go on google play and download a flashlight app and the top 20 results are all malware lol
sure f-droid has some pretty shit apps but none of them will infect your phone, and to be fair f-droid also has a handful of extremely high quality apps that you would have trouble finding otherwise
so idk, for the average user f-droid is just de facto higher quality apps, and confers more security just by being a little more tightly controlled by forcing apps to be open source (malware people will typically not want to make their shit open source. that's usually how it works)

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Anyone else feeling like the current response to the invasion echos Neville Chamberlain more than anything?

did a full on PR fluff piece for the , an organization that murders, tortures, spies on Americans, overthrows democratic governments, lies to Congress, drone strikes weddings, and more

Even though I'm terrible on keeping you up-to-date on the development of Fractal-next. We are making really good progress.

I will talk about Fractal-next during FOSDEM 2022 in the matrix dev room.

GNU/Linux systems are developed transparently by large communities around the globe with no single entity that is in control.

Unlike Android, code changes can be proposed transparently by anyone around the world.

regional court finds embedding Google Fonts in a website violates , "legitimate interest" did not apply since the fonts can easily be directly integrated into their website, thereby avoiding sending IP addresses to .

Some of the team will be at 113 in Vienna, it'll be good to see people in person again!

Registration for (19-24 March 2022) is now open. Sign up to participate in and read all the details about the first-ever hybrid IETF meeting:

oh no. Die Polizei hat die Hausfeldstraße bei einer von Klimaktivisten besetzten Lobau-Tunnel Baustelle abgesperrt. Hoffe alles ist in Ordnung. :s

@eighthave and @duckduckgo, note that while the software is indeed libre, if one does not self-host and use their service, their privacy policy states:

We may share aggregate or de-identified information about users with third parties for marketing, advertising, research or similar purposes.

Can we have truly Free Software phones, without tracking and unwanted pre-installed proprietary software? GNU/Linux-based OS for phones are a reliable option for every user who values their privacy.

Learn more at #UpcyclingAndroid

Are you looking to join a great team who will soon be united in the offices in Hanover again?! Check out our open positions: Let's fight for #privacy together! 💪💪😎😎

Use of Google Analytics is not #GDPR compliant according to the Austrian DPA. Other EU Privacy authorities including the Dutch are doing their own research. It might be wise to start looking into an alternative for Google services.

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