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NetCipher v2.2.0-alpha released! Supports the new TorServices app; adds new libraries for enabling Tor/proxying with Conscrypt and WebViews. Get them on Maven Central:


In #Austria, the government has the chance to safeguard Router Freedom from the start. In order to do so, they have to integrate #RouterFreedom directly in the new law instead of delegating this to their national regulating agency RTR. We work together with @epicenter_works to influence the situation to the better:



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There are so often scary headlines talking about aging populations and declining birth rates. For example:

This is actually good news on a number of fronts: people can freely choose children or not; the needs fewer people living high-impact, developed-world lifestyles; and historically, shrinking populations give more power to the masses. Productivity is still growing, so the economies will be fine. For a real world example, see Japan's declining population.

I think I found the answer in this error message:

Unable to strip library '/builds/eighthave/torservices/app/build/intermediates/merged_native_libs/release/out/lib/x86/' due to missing strip tool for ABI 'X86'. Packaging it as is.

If the binaries on Maven Central include debug symbols, then stripping them while assembling the APK will change them. I wonder what the right thing to do is here? Ship stripped binaries? Require stripping in the APK build? Disable stripping?

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If anyone is looking for a / project to hack around with, jtorctl now builds with (from or ), , and with sketches of Ant. The idea is that if all the build tools make the same JAR, no need to trust the build tool. or

Another bit for the annals of : the new TorServices app is reproducible across a couple machines. It uses a reproducible binary from a Maven Central artifact, which is pinned by SHA-256 using Gradle Dependency Verification. I built TorServices on yet another box, and this time, it had diffs in the WTF, how is that possible? It just had to copy the from AAR to APK. I guess it could have been a glitch in that computer, or hacked test build box.

Just finishing up the first release of a new provider app called TorServices. It is meant as a stripped down, Android-native system service. It is built on the new Android-native TorService, which can also be embedded into apps.

Get nightly builds here:

The core service is available at


New AI law proposal agrees with the risks and harms of biometric mass surveillance but *fails* to properly ban it.

Companies and authorities aren't prohibited from these practices and the law enforcement ban has way too many exceptions. 🤦

Our thoughts:


15,000 call on FTC to protect the Right to Repair.

If you own it, you should be able to repair it.

Looks like the UK has also exported basically zero vaccine.

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I just thought of a potential limitation of 's new QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission that might make it almost pointless: apps can create an Intent and query for which apps respond to that Intent.
It seems like with a small set of Intents, you could effectively query for the vast majority of the apps. Can anyone confirm this?

If so, it seems like they've created the INTERNET permission again, as in a permission that only restricts good actors, and bad actors can easily circumvent it.

The Tor Project is hiring for two positions: a Systems Administrator and a Browser Developer. Share these opportunities with your networks:

Clearview AI, the facial recognition company that built a database of 3 billion+ harvested images, wouldn't exist "w/out Facebook, YouTube & Twitter."

@zittrain & @john_bowers_ on how the start-up exploited vulnerabilities & disregarded privacy:

Original tweet :

Join today as one of our attorneys, @copiesofcopies , testifies before Copyright Office regarding our #DMCA exemption request related to #OpenWrt: seeking right to circumvent lock-down on wireless routers. has links to written part.

BTW, we're annoyed that USA government refused to provide option to view/hear this w/out proprietary software. We raised this issue, but decided overarching moral imperative is participate for the rights of users despite that.

If you think the rates are "bad", consider that the US banned vaccine exports, while the EU is exporting half of what it produces. The rest of the world matters too, even if you look at it from a point of view of self-interest.

Big Tech is seeding watered-down “privacy” legislation in states. 14 of 20 proposed state privacy bills were built upon the same framework as a Microsoft and Amazon-supported bill in Virginia—or were even weaker, reports @toddfeathers in @themarkup

“Once you look at the states, and you look at how they behave [in #Assange case], it’s absolutely clear: when they receive evidence for war crimes, they don’t prosecute anybody, they only prosecute the person who has given the evidence. That is not what the rule of law in constitutional democracy looks like, that is what a dictatorship looks like”

This guy is bloody fkn UN rapporteur, eminent doctor in law, not some random raving lunatic...

#FreeAssangeNow #WikiLeaks


61 MEPs from different political groups just asked the EU to ban biometric mass surveillance, days before proposes new laws on AI.

#ReclaimYourFace #BanThisBS #ArtificialIntelligence #Biometrics #MassSurveillance


Own a digital device? Big Tech abuses copyright law to block you (and potential competitors and innovators) from tinkering with their products—even the ones you pay for. EFF’s @caragagliano and @mitchstoltz will testify that tech users deserve better.

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