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My talk about making an ultra-portable game engine from scratch has been voted the best talk of the GiC conference!

I am talking about McPixel 3 Engine that I wrote from scratch in C.

It has been ported to Windows, Max, Linux, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5, iOS, Android, Windows 95, Raspberry Pi, FreeBSD, Haiku OS, RISC-V, Windows 3.51, MS-DOS and Linux Terminal.

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #programming #gameprogramming #cprogramming

Regain Your Privacy And Security While Saving $350 Dollars On The Librem 5 Smartphone Supported By PureOS And Secure Apps.

Private, Secure, Plus No Surveillance Or Data Mining By Big Tech, The Way A Smartphone Should Be!

Remember @fsfe 's open letter from 1 year ago?

* Users should have the right to freely choose OS & software on their devices,
* which service providers to use
* Devices should be interoperable/compatible with open standards
* Drivers/tools/interfaces source code should be published under a free license

> 3k people signed it. Today it was given to the German parliament with plans to deliver it to decision-makers at EU level too. Thanks FSFE and everybody who signed!

@fosdem developer rooms have been announced!
After a crammed half day of talks on #LinuxOnMobile last time, we are very happy that there will be a full Sunday dedicated to mobile topics around true Linux OSes at #fosdem2024.
We will announce a Call for Participation as soon as it is published. We will coordinate with our Friends at @postmarketOS, sailfish OS, etc to put together something interesting.

DOS Subsystem for Linux integrates a real Linux environment into MS-DOS systems, allowing users to make use of both DOS and Linux applications from the DOS command prompt.

WAAAA - my old game where you move the ball using your voice - is now playable in browser for easier casual enjoyment. Check it out ➡️

would anyone be interested in remote access to any of the following devices for the purposes of #Linux mainline development and testing? You'd be able to power cycle the device and boot an Android boot.img (kernel + dtb + ramdisk), I'm also open to using these devices in CI

* OnePlus 6/6T - #Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
* OnePlus 7 and/or 7 pro - #Qualcomm #Snapdragon 855 / sm8150
* Google Pixel 2 XL, 3, or 3 XL - Snapdragon 835 (msm8998) or Snapdragon 845 (sdm845). (Only have one usb-cereal adapter so only one of these is viable right now)
* #Fairphone 2 - MSM8974
* #Fairphone 5 - QCM6490
* #LG G6 - msm8996 (if someone can find UART and find a workaround for the "charger wet" detection being stuck on)
* #Samsung j3 (j3xnlte) - some spreadtrum SoC - Only if you can find UART for me

I don't have things fully set up here but I'm trying to figure out what i should prioritise.

If any of these sounds useful to you then please get in touch with me! I'm especially interested in folks from the #LinuxMobile community, #Kernel maintainers, or anyone else with an interest in upstream Linux support on phones. Please have some kind of public presence in a related field and tell me what your usecase is.

* DM me on matrix - @
* Email me -

Please boost for reach!

#FOSSMobile #postmarketOS #Android #Embedded #BoardFarm #Testing #CI

@catsalad @emojipedia
You can use the #️⃣Unicode #️⃣ as a hashtag?

How labor intensive! 😹

Yes the 🪗 is certainly my most widely available work 🥰 and it makes me laugh

Currently preparing to collaborate on a #PhonographEmoji that I’d really like to succeed


Since the 0h game jam (conducted by @sos as usual) is still not abolished and it has just happened a few moments ago, I made a terrible game in 0 hours again. This time you have to guess whether a character you see in a random font is a zero or not. (note: uses Google Fonts)

🎙️ Had a great time talking to a-wai, @devrtz and @kop316 from @mobian in episode 35 of the postmarketOS podcast.

* Taking a written test to become a Debian Developer
* How to best contribute to Mobian (it does not involve taking a written test)
* Using Librem 5 while traveling around the world
* Planning for FOSDEM 2024

Now available in gPodder adaptive, KDE's Kasts, GNOME Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts 😉

#linuxmobile #debian #fosdem

Probably the smallest hard disk drive ever commercially produced, the 0.85-inch 2GB drive was introduced by Toshiba in 2004 and used in the Nokia N91 mobile phone and the Cowon iAudio 6.

There were 4GB and 8GB versions but by 2007 it fell out of use, replaced by flash memory.

if you are a bandcamp user, you should make sure you have a local download of all your albums in high quality, because they're in a situation where they may stop existing As Such on short notice

Finally got all 3 native #linuxmobile devices #pinephone #pinephonepro #librem5. Going to have to see how the camera compares on all 3

I scrolled down in phosh today to fast-launch the settings app and change my audio output device, when I noticed a little button next to the volume slider. I pressed it and what do you know, phosh added a handy little input/output audio device selector when I wasn't looking!


Hi folks! Would you like to become better hackers?

I offer a #hacker #course for the first 3 lucky applicants.

Want to learn #Rust? #Linux? Or just have someone who knows where to find answers about the universe?

Now I'm ready to become your #mentor - if you support me :)

Watching through the Toy Story movies and it's weird how they keep naming characters after Debian releases.

my gf once told me "🔑 Unable to decrypt message" and I think that's beautiful 🥺

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