Vivante GC7000Lite vs. Mali-400 MP2 (Mesa 20.1.5, Linux 5.7)

That's of course a pretty heavy track, on lighter ones the difference is smaller (but still noticeable)

PS. It's hard to steer two karts at the same time :)

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...and finally Animatch, written by yours truly :) Mali400 does around 20 FPS, while GC7000L manages nice 60 FPS (although it drops with lots of particles on screen, but that's on the game's code I'd say :D)

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@dos Nah did you try it on almost similarly specced but 5 times cheaper PinePhone? Oh wait...

@ruff Dunno where the "almost similarly specced" meme comes from. It's a cool device and I'm glad to see multiple options on the market, but the hardware is nowhere near similar (and it's hardly surprising given the price range).

@dos absolutely, I have it as well for app development and it fits the purpose perfectly well (can even build many projects right on it). The reply was exactly to ridicule the meme.

@dos Thanks for posting these comparisons! It's really interesting to see how the differences in specifications translate to actual real world performance.

Hopefully at some point Phoronix will create a linux phone variant of their test suite, which I think could go a long way towards further improve comparisons, but also aid HW developers to optimize designs and possibly allow them to better evaluate SOCs when designing hardware.

As for now, these videos are the best we have got.

@dos, Are you running the PinePhone's RAM at 624MHz? The difference in load times really shows the advantage of LPDDR4-3200 over LPDDR3-1248 RAM.

@amosbatto Not sure to be honest, I'm using u-boot and kernel from Mobian repos - so I think it's 552MHz since some people had stability issues at 624MHz?

@dos, Could you post the output of "sudo hardinfo -r" for the two phones? That would give us some benchmarks for the CPU and GPU performance.

Does "lshw" show the RAM speed on the PinePhone? (I'm assuming this is not the actual speed, but the top rated speed of the RAM stick, but I'm curious what it says.)

@dos, It looks like people are experimenting with many RAM speeds on the PinePhone:

According to the poll, 7/16 can run the RAM at 624MHz.

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