That's of course a pretty heavy track, on lighter ones the difference is smaller (but still noticeable)

PS. It's hard to steer two karts at the same time :)

...and finally Animatch, written by yours truly :) Mali400 does around 20 FPS, while GC7000L manages nice 60 FPS (although it drops with lots of particles on screen, but that's on the game's code I'd say :D)

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@dos Nah did you try it on almost similarly specced but 5 times cheaper PinePhone? Oh wait...

@ruff Dunno where the "almost similarly specced" meme comes from. It's a cool device and I'm glad to see multiple options on the market, but the hardware is nowhere near similar (and it's hardly surprising given the price range).

@dos absolutely, I have it as well for app development and it fits the purpose perfectly well (can even build many projects right on it). The reply was exactly to ridicule the meme.

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