Hey, look, my state has changed on @mntmn shop from backorder to this!11 There's a slight hope I get it under the pillow, even earlier than my evergreen (order and model) of

Oh, nice, "Your Crowd Supply order has shipped!" - let see now what this little fella can do - crowdsupply.com/lite3dp/lite3d . Decided to get SLA friend to my FDM old chap.

☑ - ordered @purism librem5
☑ - ordered @PINE64 braveheart
☑ - ordered braveheart upgrade
☑ - ordered FundYourApp perk
☑ - contributed downstream code
☑ - contributed upstream code
looks like a good plan, but still feeling like something is amiss... it's a time, I wish I could contribute more.

When you have computer virus - you apply security patches against vulnerabilities. When you have human virus - you apply vulnerability patches against security *sigh*

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