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How frequently do you use an RSS reader?

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Strašně silná a důležitá slova studentů a studentek žurnalistiky. Jsou to právě jejich vrstevníci a mnohdy i kamarádi, kteří se stali terčem útoku.

Jsem rád, že apelují na etiku a kultivaci veřejného prostoru. Řada médií tragédii pokryla nešťastně. Jejich dopis podporuji.

Omg, just saw ad on youtube - Orban is the only protector of Europe from migration and Brussel is making everything possible to disrupt his noble efforts 🤡 🤦‍♂️ 🤬 google is radicalizing europe

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The EU intends to add surveillance to end-to-end encrypted chats, including the use of AI powered scanners that should (generically) detect Child Sexual Abuse Material and grooming & report to Europol. Yesterday, I presented on this terrible proposal in a hearing of the Dutch parliament. Here is an English transcript of my very plain language explanation of how bad this all is: /cc @echo_pbreyer

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@dos Not sure the first one posted correctly. Just as well since this is slightly better centered.

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Welcome to the successor to

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I migrated servers last week and boy did I develop some strong opinions about migration and the as-yet only semi-fulfilled promise of account portability.

If you're thinking about moving instances—or you'd like to know yet more about my dreams for better networks—here's a post you might want to read:

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Earlier today Elon Musk said that my ban was temporary, 45 min later he denied my appeal to reinstate my account and confirmed that I am *permanently* banned. The email I just received says the decision cannot be reversed.
I have never once violated Twitters rules or terms of service. I’ve never had a single tweet flagged, my account was permanently banned with no warning and with no reason, after I reached out to Musk for comment.
#twittermigration #twitterexodus #twitter #tech #news #technews

I knew I saw it already somewhere though, finally found - , took me two days to find. Also no need in hidapi as it could simply be fed via /dev/hidraw. On the other hand I can do hidapi now, which I need for nitrokey hotp

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this result was generated by executing this code with this shell command

for r in 1 2 3; do for i in 1 4 8 16 2 0; do sudo _b/mntkbd LEDS$i 1; done; sleep 1; done

sudo is needed to access evdev input device.

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While working on a script to suspend came with an idea of light indication

My first i.MX8MQ device. Not the which I ordered more than 4 years ago, but which I ordered two months ago. Thanks to @mntmn for making it happen, and christmas spirit (whatever name it has) which made sure it was all in time and in proper order :)
p.s. There's also nice green keyboard next to it but it didn't fit the viewport :) Both items are very solid and well made.

Christmas is here!

> Your order has been shipped

Thanks @mntmn !

Hey, look, my state has changed on @mntmn shop from backorder to this!11 There's a slight hope I get it under the pillow, even earlier than my evergreen (order and model) of

Oh, nice, "Your Crowd Supply order has shipped!" - let see now what this little fella can do - . Decided to get SLA friend to my FDM old chap.

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