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Portugal just ran on 100 percent renewables for six days in a row.

For nearly a week, the country of 10 million met customer needs with wind, hydro and solar — a test run for operating the grid without fossil fuels.

@theruran 🤣 We only need to make an "eco-launcher" aka rocket!

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We are excited to announce the theme of our first game jam is: "symbiotic." Devs have one month to create an Open Source video game around the theme!

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@djh it's a combination of strong solar and low demand. A similar thing happens in Australia.

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This one’s for the white guys: dear privileged people in tech, it’s easy to sit back and benefit from the rules of the game. But, if you are an ally, we need you to stand up when DEI initiatives are being dismantled. Yup, nothing to add here.

@samwilson I got
"Will be right back...
Thank you for your patience.
Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue."

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“Dangerous distraction:” Plug-in hybrids emit up to 7 times more than claimed, even in cities

What they found was shocking: The real-world emissions of the tested plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) were 85-114 g/km above the “artificially low” official ratings of 27-36 grams

#car #hybrid #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

@samwilson is copyright based on the country it was created in or where they lived?

@podcast interesting, I have just switched from Spotify to Tidal.

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transphobia, wikipedia 

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Have you ever lost your way when visiting the hospital? Come and help map it! Next mapping day out, Saturday March 16th: #Geogeeks #Perth #OpenStreetMap

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french wikipedia admins are now perma-banning #lgbtq contributors with years of experience who dared voicing some opposition to the "how shall we deadname trans people" poll.

this is ridiculous and revolting. how can an open-source project of this size lack a proper CoC *and* measures for its enforcement ?

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#wikipedia #wikipediafr

@robini71 on Outlook at work the Backspace key archives the email and the Delete key moves the email to the trash.

Your definition is free beer. Freedom is a requirement for all.

I'm at the rally with a few hundred people in front of the WA Parliament House. Let's protect our unique and beautiful environment!

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Dear companies,

please don't make having access to Google's or Apple's app stores to use your products a requirement.

This locks so many of us out because we either don't have a compatible device or the device doesn't have the software to access these services (like google play services).

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