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french wikipedia admins are now perma-banning #lgbtq contributors with years of experience who dared voicing some opposition to the "how shall we deadname trans people" poll.

this is ridiculous and revolting. how can an open-source project of this size lack a proper CoC *and* measures for its enforcement ?

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@robini71 on Outlook at work the Backspace key archives the email and the Delete key moves the email to the trash.

Your definition is free beer. Freedom is a requirement for all.

I'm at the rally with a few hundred people in front of the WA Parliament House. Let's protect our unique and beautiful environment!

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Dear companies,

please don't make having access to Google's or Apple's app stores to use your products a requirement.

This locks so many of us out because we either don't have a compatible device or the device doesn't have the software to access these services (like google play services).

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What's the price Apple puts on a child?
The price of a patent.

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@LALegault if you're looking to get solar or an ev charger, boycott SolarEgde. SolarEdge is an Israeli company.

@Snoro I take all short term trends in the EV space with a large grain of salt. We are in the early turbulent years. Even the good sales trends in Australia. It will reduce then go back up.

@Snoro the article touched on a few points but never got to the real trends. EVs used to hold their value well because they were rare. Now new EVs are dropping their price, their deprecation curve is becoming similar to ICE vehicles. The China 'issue' is very different. They had 100 brands and were reduced to a few dozen so there was a lot of product for models that didn't sell.

@sam I've seen coils/wire wrapped in plastic (small motor that won't melt it) or hot glue, and I think the cord is better.

@sam just spectating, I think that'll help reduce shocks so the components don't break.

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I wrote about the genocide in Palestine, and how tech has been silent and complicit.

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1. The balkanization of literally every industry and it's subsequent cognitive load.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...five apps to make online payments, six apps to watch tv, four apps for food delivery, seventeen apps for shopping and eighteen BILLION accounts to have a profile on every fucking website I have to visit...

@Snoro that article is a load of crap. The fracking industry relied on low interest rates and low environmental regulation! You cannot compare 2019 prices with 2023 prices when the CPI increases were caused by oil and gas windfall profits. Renewables are still cheaper than 5 years ago, this is only a blip. All energy sources in China have increased but renewables have increased faster (EIA China Country Analysis Brief 2023).

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I had low expectations for COP28—oil emirate?—but to hear petrostates (that's US) crow about the statement to "move away" from fossil fuels as "historic" & not the utter minimum... well, that's fucking revealing.

Business as Usual will fight to the death.

Our death.

We aren't doomed, but we're in deep trouble. The only way out is together.

1—vote green


3—change a high carbon usage to low carbon TODAY

4—keep going

Any action gets you started & we don't have any time to lose.

@mcmenguc @CiaraNi this all happened when I went to the Apple store. Had to join a virtual queue for 40 mins to buy an iPhone. They then didn't have it in stock and told me to buy on my own phone, that was broken!
I went to Jb-Hi and got real customer service.

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