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anti-itrans laws, uspol 

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"I have seen how the Palestinian people are at best second class citizens on their own ever-shrinking lands. Clearly, this is apartheid. We have denounced and defeated it before and we must again. Do not be brow-beaten into silent complicity by claims that supporting the near-defenseless Palestinian people is anti-semitic. The far-right government of Israel is doing this, not the Jewish people. Stand with the​​​​​​​ defenselessness, not the powerful." Mike said regarding this action. [2/n]

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GPL violation musing 

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@kyle thanks I'm about to finish uni so this is really helpful.

@valere when I see this I'll finally get Nebula and ditch YouTube. All the people I watch on YouTube also have a Nebula account.

AI bullshit 

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@libroraptor @pezmico I didn't know UV lights would be effective. Unless it's designed extremely well and positioned correctly I feel like it would do very little. Do you know more?
But very cool the shop is still following protocol.

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I've found the best way to try to break through doomers' defenses is to first point out that, according to current science, a runaway hot house is very unlikely. That means every little bit of less destruction is better. Every person saved and every extinction prevented is worth all our effort.

After that because doomers are in so many cases men, you can try to appeal to their heroic imagination: saving the planet is generation's big fight. History demands we step up.

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I 'unpublished' my Patreon creator page in August last year. There's no option to delete it (and the guides to 'how to delete your creator page' mention things that don't exist) so you can just unpublish. I, as expected, haven't had any payments from my supporters since doing that.

Old supporter DMed me.

Her: Hi! Are you still creating?
Me: Oh I've moved to Ko-Fi! (link)
Her: Ah! I guess I can delete my plege then?
Me: Sure, but Patreon shouldn't have been taking anything
Her: Er, they have...

@WorkingFamilies yeah, I like the idea of 'think global act local'. My current goal is to physically disconnect my house from the gas network. Then there is one less household for the fossil fuel lobby to 'advocate for'. It's been interesting looking at the capital costs and running costs to achieve this.

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The #OpenStreetMap weekend in #Berlin was great to catch up with old friends and get up to speed with what's going on out there! 🎉

I also got the chance to make a tiny bit of progress on my collaborative real-time map prototype; think #Figma but for maps.

#maps #geo #design

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I’ve written an open letter asking organisations that engage online with the blind community to come to Mastodon in light of the significant #accessibility regressions at Twitter.
If you agree, please sign it and share it as widely as you can. This is one occasion where if we can show how many of us care about this issue, it will make it clear that it’s worth companies putting in the effort to be here.
I would also be very grateful for the support of our sighted friends.
Thank you.

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@zoom_earth I'm going to drive up to Exmouth to see the total solar eclipse. Hopefully the clouds stay away 🤞

@Linkletter at my uni lecturers (computer science) have different views on using AI in your assignments and are designing exams to reduce the risk (exams are online). I used AI to reduce my ramblings down for a presentation but I find the AI only outputs the most average response.
It should be a feature lecturers can turn on and off for different assignments and they should set the expectations to students.

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RT @DontGasAfrica
The #EuropeanGasConference represents a systematic plan to lock Africa into a fossil fuel future. We say NO!
Africa’s resources cannot be decided on behalf of Africa while she is not present. #DontGasAfrica
@gastivists @block_gas @Artivistnet @TheGreenConnect @CtxRebellion

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