@kornel @caitp it could also help to understand expired patents.

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How the Grinch Stole the Fediverse parody. Long serial thread, updated daily. 

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In case you don’t believe the same equations govern #motion in the #atmosphere and the #ocean.

Video by Tristan Heth in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Ready for ! I'm playing a shaker with the Sambanistas and we are group 99 just behind the volunteers of .

@LovesTha when you do go, check what they have and send an update. Even updates like `they sold out of cake, but do sell cold drinks` is welcome.

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Remember how IBM Watson, the computer that beat a human in Jeopardy!, was supposed to revolutionize medicine? Did you know it is being sold off for parts?

“If you think about it… the notion that you’re going to take an artificial intelligence tool, expose it to data on patients who were cared for on the upper east side of Manhattan, and then use that information and the insights derived from it to treat patients in China, is ridiculous.”

From Slate article:

@samwilson encyclopaedia only has a small paragraph on the main topics that never helped me in school. Nothing like Wikipedia.

@zyk let's keep it as court yards and not school yards.

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Since the first #IPCC report in 1990, the world has seen more carbon emissions than in the whole of history before 1990.

#TheClimateBook #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange

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Are you new here? New being defined as shorter than 2 months. Today is Nov 6.
I am interested to see how far the fedi reaches.

Please boost. #askfedi #new #poll #toot

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@Sheril Alt text: Image of hourglass:

Each grain of sand in this visualization
represents 10 million people.

[Top of hourglass] 140 million children are born every year. 14 grains of sand enter the hourglass.

You are here. These 795 grains represent the 7.95 billion people who are alive today.

[Bottom of hourglass] 60 million people die every year. 6 grains of sand pass through the hourglass.

About 109 billion people have lived and died. 10.900 grains of sand.


@nami_wiki @Tim_Boettcher I rarely post so that would make my timeline blank. Leave enough time so people looking to following you could get an idea about your tooting style.

@Snoro simple counter. Eating red meat 'helps' you gain muscle so we should attack gym junkies*. Normal weight but high carbon foods. You can be vegetarian and eat fried food and chocolate. Overweight but low carbon foods.
* There are a lot of great foods vegetarians can eat to 'help' gain muscle. The number 1, 2, and 3 best things to do is, go to the gym!

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Hey, #fediverse,

I've tried finding a good #Mastodon #desktop #client. Tried out #whalebird, #TheDesk and #Hyperspace thus far.

All were pretty #accessible (though TheDesk wasn't too enjoyable interface-wise), but I'm missing one feature I know and enjoy from #Metatext: Adding additional toots so that I can create a thread smoothly. (Yes, I do enjoy talking.)

Does anyone know a desktop app that has this capability?

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If anyone is looking for me from the mass Twitter shift, here I am! Check my recent posts for some Accessibility tips and links #twitterMigration #Twitter #FediTips

Attempted suicide, depression 

Magnesium Fuel Cycle Thread 🧵 /EOF 

ukpol prediction 

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