Ready for ! I'm playing a shaker with the Sambanistas and we are group 99 just behind the volunteers of .

The word 'homeowner' has the word 'meow' in it.
Good luck pronouncing it correctly ever again.

I like how the election ended up being about climate change but I wonder how the government could withstand the force from the fossil fuel giants and News Corp?

I read an article from RAC about buying a new car. Does anyone see how their own stats don't prove their point?

Noooo, another push from Google for me to move from their services.

Woodside's giant Burrup Hub gas development is the dirtiest fossil fuel project ever proposed in Australia.
The Government has secretly given approvals for unlimited gas processing & unlimited pollution at the Burrup Hub.

The Conservarion Council of WA urgently needs to raise $200,000 to help cover the costs of running this landmark court case against Australia’s dirtiest fossil fuel development.

Will you join us to defend our climate from the Burrup Hub?

I updated a URL on one of @gitlab's documentation page to link to a new feature and they shipped me a cool mug!

Google makes billions of dollars and this is there mobile website!? I thought it was 2019, not 2009!

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