I'm looking for a that can transfer pictures and videos to a (preferable ) computer via or .

I gave up on my .

I'd prefer a camera by a producer which does support linux, but any working solution is welcome.

I need an option to shoot macros (additional lens, built-in function) and I do need it to be small (no dslr).

Nice format would be e.g. DJI Osmo Action + macro lens, but didn't find information on linux compatibility.

Looked some more into Bluetooth LE. Moved the tests to my , because seems to be more stable than on my notebook ;-)...

Guess I'll need a screenrecord of the pairing process of my to the android app to correlate the times of the sniff and my actions in the app.

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Thought I'd just poke a bit around before reading more about . As it turned out pairing the camera does not work outside the SnapBridge app. Tried a few times and found that the camera changed its hardware address in-between the different attempts...

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BTW: I'm really disappointed by about how they made the marketed feature on the work: You are forced to use a closed source or app. Even though there is around it is not usable if there is no way to switch on . For someone looking for a camera to use with (and possibly like me with the ) the wifi and bluetooth function is worthless.

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Got a capture of the communication on my switching on the on my . Androids feature is hidden between the developer options. Finding the btsnoop_hci.log file was kind of difficult. I had to use find from the command line using adb shell. Once transferred to my laptop the file opens fine in . Well, don't know anything about bluetooth on a protocol level and have to start reading what and Bluetooth are.

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Turns out that the cameras wifi can only be turned on by an ios/android app using a bluetooth connection. The wifi is said to be turned on only for one action (like getting one picture). I've gottan that far that the wifi switched on and has been visible.
Now looking for a way to the traffic on to find a way to enable wifi on the camera from a linux computer...

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