I just discovered that at some point the Element Matrix client added keybindings to let you switch more easily to rooms with recent activity. This is an incredibly important feature to me (I try to avoid using my mouse) that's going to dramatically improve every work day.


I imagine folks that do everything from a web browser won't understand, but I can't stress how important keyboard-friendly UI is for speed. It's even more important with typing-heavy apps like chat. Every time my hand moves to a mouse it slows everything way down.

This is one reason why the shift from a trackpoint mouse to a touchpad wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be, even though I used to be as die-hard about it as other Thinkpad users. I just don't use the mouse that much in either case.

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@kyle exact same feelings here. I thought I’d lament the loss of the trackpoint, but I use a mouse so infrequently it’s not really an issue.

Unfortunately for me, the applications that I use at work are all web based. They have clients for windows, but I am relegated to a browser if I want to use linux.

@jlcrawf @kyle The Vimium browser extension is a godsend for me to be able to navigate the web using the keyboard.

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